Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Finally got the core modules I needed and one added bonus!

I have been needing to get the following:

Croix de Guerre
Armies of Oblivian


A Bridge to Far.

Well I finally got them all, I was really psyched about getting all of these.  The one caveat to A Bridge to Far is that it was missing the British Airborne counters and the "Blue" German counters.  I believe those were counter sheets 1 and 4.  Oh well some day perhaps I can get them from someone that only wanted the set for the "Black SS" counters.  So the "Collection" is looking good, although I STILL haven't played a live game since I started collecting ASL stuff around the end of last year, something of which I am more than a little disappointed about, it is what it is.  I will post something on this topic separately as it has gotten very much under my some point...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just a quick post to add my latest items for Advanced Squad Leader

I have the following items that just arrived,

Crucible of Steel
Blood and Jungle

Both of these are from Bounding Fire Productions, and let me tell you these 2 modules are very nice indeed production wise!  One could even go so far as to say better than MMP in many ways.  The boards are fantastic, the counters are the real treasure in these packs along with the scenario cards.  The scenario cards are on a thick glossy card stock and they are in color! everything is color but the text, so all the counters appear on the scenario cards as they would appear in your counter tray.  I wish all manufacturers would go to this in their scenario cards.
  The counters are also done in color with camo paint and national flags on the rear of captured Russian tanks in German service in the Crucible module.  Blood and Jungle is just like this!!! I would recommend these guys completely in so far as production quality. I can't speak for the scenarios yet but my friend and I may play BFP-34 from Blood and Jungle next Tuesday, if we can decide on which scenario to play. ;)

Next week I should have the following arriving:

Doomed Battalions
Hollow Legions

Now all I am lacking of my core ASL modules are:

Armies of Oblivion
Croix D Guerre

I also have 2 Critical Hit products coming to fill out the French early war OOB since the MMP module Croix De Guerre is so hard to find and pricey to get if you do find it.  Also getting a dice tower and want to get a set of the Battle dice in 16mm or 5/8in size. They are just pricey for a pair of dice and I am still trying to convince myself on these.
  Also coming is a set of the US/British Turret counters from CounterSmith.  I am hoping to get the German ones some time soon.  So that's it for now...  Sorry no more painting on here anymore at least for a while, just done painting for nothing, hence why I am going to a board game. Opponents are readily available for board games.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Advanced Squad Leader collection so far

I have been trading away so old board games, gaming mags and Lead that I will never use but got in trades and it was quite a bit for Advanced Squad leader stuff, some new and some out of print fro the old Avalon Hill days. For me that was my golden age for wargaming.  I used to live in the south east US and thought that finding wargaming people to play with was difficult but didn't know what difficult was till I came out here, but that's covered in another post.  Anyway for those that don't know Advanced Squad leader or ASL as we call it is a squad lvl game with individual tanks and guns with a hex on the map boards covering 40m.  It is a very intensive game on the rules side but incredibly fun once you get a hang of things. 

Also managed to pick up ASL Journal #2 which is hard to find and pricey as 1st Ed.

Anyway the collection so far is:
ASL rule book Version 2.0 from MMP
Beyond Valor from Avalon Hill 1st Ed.
Yanks from Avalon Hill
West of Alamein from MMP
For King and Country from MMP
Last Hurrah from Avalon Hill
Rising Sun from MMP. this is a massive Pacific theater expansion I mean large!

And historical modules I have:
Red Barricades from Avalon Hill out of print and VERY pricey!
Valor of the Guards from MMP
Festung Budapest from MMP

I still want to get the following core and historical modules:
Blood Reef Tarawa
KampfGruppe Pieper I
KampfGruppe Pieper II
Doomed Battalions
Hollow Legions
Operation Iwo Jima

So for any of you Advanced Squad Leader Grognards in the Sacramento area want to get together and have a steady ASL player and place to play, drop me a line...I have 2 gaming tables setup the are 6x4.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Central California is Historical wargaming hell!

I must warn you this is a bit of a rant, as well as a plea...

I swear to God, I never lived in a more barren desert of a gaming area as far as historical wargaming goes in my life!  If you are into Rayguns and Elf's your covered, but God forbid you want to get into a meaty game of ASL(Advanced Squad Leader) or Napoleonics, or the like and NEVER will you see ECW, 30yrs war.  You may on very rare occasions find an ancients game.

    In 7 years of living in the Central CA valley, I have gamed ONCE! a JRIII game and that is it!  No one gets together at their homes to play near as I can tell, but perhaps its a click thing I don't know. I just don't understand this getting together once a month/12 times a year play a game that can cost several thousand dollars.  Whatever happened with getting together at ones house to play on a weekend or an evening?  This "I must" game at a library or game store BS out here that I have experienced  since moving here, is well BS and more than a little bit disappointing.

   I am just getting into ASL after being out of it for several years so I decided to go to the Local gaming club meeting to see if I could locate anyone that plays and was pointed to 2 "ASL Grognards" if you like, that were playing a fantasy card game mind you and pretty much didn't want to be bothered with even talking to me much less giving me any useful information.  These two lovely gentlemen pointed me to city that is 50-60 miles away to maybe find a game, thanks guys great help.  California may have a lot of things, but it sucks when it comes to work and historical gaming.  I pray to God that your gamers in your area aren't like here, wargaming would be ancient  history if they were.   Back east (USA) where I am from, we always played at someones house and where always eager to meet new people to game with, out here forget it, they appear to not be too welcoming to outsiders, just my impressions in this area.  They ONLY appear to game a stores or once monthly game club meeting, also eastern and central USA believes in historical gaming and has been educated in history. From the stuff my son used to bring home from school here it is very anti-US and rewrites history to suite a political agenda.  So you can take that for what its worth but those are the impression I have of CA gaming in general so far, at least in the northern part. I am just so very let down and disapointed with California that if I could leave I would! Both due to employment and wargaming as well as the bloody cost of living, they think its great out here, well imho it sucks...

   So if there is anyone in the Sacramento CA area that is into ASL please contact me here, I am rather desperate to get some "real" gaming in that, doesn't friggin involve orcs or Elves or Space Marines.  People really need to branch out more...Learn history!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I have been doing some trades for them that I had mentioned prior here and just wanted to say that I can NOT say enough good things about them, but I will list a couple below.

1. Trades offered between the two have be very good.
2. on a couple of occasions I changed my mind on things add and or subtracting items as my simple mind worked, and they were most gracious and very patient.
3. Items were shipped quickly and on time.
4. I am scheduled to receive my first box from the from the first transaction of two on Saturday via FEDEX as they apparently deliver then.
5. I would NOT for one second have second thoughts about dealing with them.

SO with that said, I did want to add that they are not giving me anything or compenating me for these statements.  They are just that good!!!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advanced Squad Leader inbound!

I have had something in my house to do with Squad Leader since it came out, back in 1980-81 up until 2006 when I got a divorce and my ASL collection was tossed out, not by me so guess who...  Anyway I have been sitting on a 2nd edition Tractics by Gary Gygax from 1976 and have worked out a trade for it and some other stuff for the ASL rules and 2 modules, Beyond Valor and Last Hurrah.  I am hoping to have them before my next gaming group meeting later this month.  I can not wait! Since not having any SL/ASL stuff in my house since 2006 I was kinda Jones-ing for lack of a better term.  I can not wait till they arrive! enough said...:)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

28mm Perry French Hussars command stand for 5th Hussars

Okay next up is the Perry 28mm Plastic French Hussars, I painted them up to be the 5th.  I think the colors may be to light but I used they guy that does the "Over open sights" blog as my model and his appeared to be very light as well. These have been dipped in strong tone and then anti-shine sprayed.  Now to finish the rest of the unit.  I am basing all of my 28mm Napoleonics for General D' Brigade but these can also be used for other rules like Lasalle.

Conquest Games 28mm Norman Cavalry

Here are 2 pts of Conquest games Norman Cav and Warlord that need to have base foliage added to them. I did not even notice it till I saw the photo's! dang  They are pretty nice figures and go together well.  I used kite shields on these as well as the infantry to give them a distinctly Norman appearance as opposed to having some round shields mixed in making them look somewhat Frankish. The shields are also hand painted...

Wargames Factory 28mm Saxon's painted up as Norman warriors

I had the conquest games plastic cavalry that will show up in a later blog post, well I wanted to get some infantry painted up for my 4 pt Norman warband for SAGA.  I have not been overly fond of wargames factory miniatures as they are done with CAD and just don't have the detail you get from other plastic miniatures makers, they are also very frail! the spears break off just taking them out of my GW carrying case with the Red foam inserts.  This has been very disappointing at best!  The spear while looking to scale are just WAY to thin and snap right where the spear and hand come together.  Anyway here are 2 units of 8 warriors each, I hand painted the shields on all my figures as I can't afford transfers presently. The skin areas need to be lightened as the dip appears to have washed out the detail I had done on the faces and hands.  Also need to touch up the edge of the bases with black and sorry for the mish mash of bases with some being hex, I am scrounging through my bits to get these based.

28mm Perry Plastic Prussian Napoleonic Infantry.

These are 28mm Perry Napoleonic Prussian Infantry, I got them last year before I stopped painting due to the numbness in my hands.  Anyway I lost the paper handout that had the painting diagrams and flags, for the life of me I can't find them and it is irritating at best!  I just dipped these and got them anti-shine sprayed, but they still need to be touched up perhaps.  I painted them up as the 1st Silesian Regiment along with associated Jaegers.   I will still need to dig up a flag and being of limited funds right now to buy a flag set is out of the question.  Here they are, I still do greatly prefer Metal miniatures over plastic, I like the weight and detail you get from metals.

Damn I didn't paint the drum, what an idiot I am...