Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Friday, June 24, 2011

2 down and 2 more up on the table

First up, I finished the 12 Perry Dragoons, well at least the 1st 12 this morning and also 32 Victrix French Old Guard.  These were mounted up for GdB so I am hoping by the end of the year to have forces for both Brits and French available to play with, but that is a tall order as these guys take a ton more time to do than the 15mm guys do. So here is what is done...

Victrix Old Guard

Now what is next on the table...

So I have the next 2 units to show you again all Perry, the first is the first 12 of the 1st Cuirassier regt.  They are a work in progress, one thing I am debating on with them and the following unit is whether to clean them up so to speak after doing the "Saxon Dog dip process" specifically the white area's, should I leave them "dirty" eg on campaign or make everything nice and white?  That also goes for the next unit of Perry Heavy cav. the 2nd Regiment of Carabinier.  The Carabinier are still on painting stands so that I can get to everything, currently in these pics the have just been "Saxon Dog dipped", next they will get the hi lights needed, but again I am not sure on the white areas, should I leave them dirty or hi light them to clean them up? Also how do you paint black horses and also black horse harnesses and tack?  I am at a loss for this one...  I tried painting the tack brown on black horses as I did with the Cuirassier but I am not "thrilled" with that solution... So how do you make black harnesses stand out on black horses...

Perry Heavy Cav. 1st Cuirassier

Perry Heavy Cav 2nd Carabinier

Okay so I think that is it for today...let me know what you think and also the question of campaign dirty or clean... Cheers.


  1. Beautiful work on all of those. Just love the Perry & Victrix Napoleonics. You've done them all great justice. Regards, Dean

  2. Very nice work. I have always had a soft spot for Carabiniers. Excellent.

  3. Thanks everyone, they are fun to paint, I really like the Victrix Old guard, but in painting them I noticed that the flag pole and bayonets are very thin, I also noticed them same on some highlanders I have from Victrix as well.

  4. Have you gone completely mad wow what a lot of work you have been doing and they look fantastic awesome work mate keep it up.

  5. Thanks Galpy, it is fun to paint the 28mm stuff but it is a lot more work, as I am sure you know... ;)