Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Friday, July 10, 2009

Well I guess I will start a blog since I have joined the ranks of the unemployed...

Well Jeeze how do I start, I have been playing wargames, AD&D, Avalon hill games, WFB, WH40K(since Rogue Trader) and after seeing all of these other sites from the Fly Lords of Terra(BOLS) I thought I would start my own blog. I currently have a few 40k and fantasy armies(read damn near all of them)...Ugggh!!! I will list them below and take pictures of them as I can:

Imperial Fists -4000pts plus
Blood Ravens- 6000pts plus
Eldar - 3000pts give or take
Nids - 3000pts ""
Orks - 6000pts plus
Tau - 2200pts
Imperial Guard - 5000pts plus
Chaos Deamons - 3000pts or so
Chaos Space Marines -4000pts plus - Hakoners Reavers and Emperors Children and some nurgle

Bretonnians - 3000pts give or take
Warriors of Chaos - 4500pts plus
Dark Elves - 3000pts plus
Daemons of Chaos - 3000pts(as above)
Lizardmen - my largest WFB army at 6000pts plus
High Elves - 2000pts
Wood Elves - 3000pts

I think that covers it for GW stuff. I also have a huge FOW collection that I will list later. I live in California with my younger brother, but hope to move some day to Texas, in the Dallas or Austin area would be cool but that would have to depend on the IT job market. Anyway as I take some pictures of my current projects(with my cell camera) as some former roommates douchbag decided that he needed my $4000.00 worth of camera gear more than I did and left me with said cell phone. Anyway here is the start of my first blog...

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