Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Monday, November 25, 2013

Warlord Games Bolt Action 28mm British Para's and list of other stuff that is done or working on that still needs pictures taken.

I tried to take some better pictures of these guys from several weeks ago, when I got back to trying to paint.  Sorry about the pictures, I really need some photography pointers.  Anyway I really, really enjoy the Bolt Action Medal figures but I am kinda a purist so to speak in that I greatly prefer metal of plastic figures.  So when I have more time and better light I will also take some pics of or stuff I have done. After looking at the pictures closer I need to hit them with a better coat of Army painter anti-shine to over come the shine from the Army Painter dip.

All of these are 28mm.
1. SAGA 6pt Viking war-band
2. SAGA 6pt Norman war-band
3. SAGA 6pt Anglo-Saxon/Dane war-band

Also did up a unit of 36 Perry 28mm Prussian Infantry as well as the Jaegers that came with them. and also working on a set of Perry French 28mm 5th Hussars

But all those will be posted later.

So anyway here are the Para's


  1. Hey thanks guys, sorry to have posted them x2 but was trying to get better pictures of them.