Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miniature Projects for 2012

Well I have been gaining a lot of new stuff over the last couple of months through trades and with the existing stuff I have I have decided what projects I will be doing for next year.  I am going to list these in not any particular order, just as they come to mind...

 Stuff to finish
1.  28mm Napoleonics British and French - still growing  as of now
           1 Battery of French Foot Artillery - have Perry's
           1 Battery of French Horse Artillery - have Perry's
           1 unit of 12 Perry Metal British 1815 Heavy Dragoons
           3 boxes Perry Plastic British Infantry 
           3 boxes of  Perry Plastic French Infantry
           2 boxes of Perry Plastic French Hussars
           2 units of Dragoons Plastic Perry's
           2-4 boxes of Perry British Hussars whenever they get released around here

2.  15-18mm Napoleonics British and French   Almost done for now.
            3 British Infantry units 32ea - have AB's
            2 French Infantry units 32ea  - have AB's
            2 Portuguese Cacadores units 32ea - have AB's
3.  15mm Selucid army - I have partially done OG Selucid boxed army plus some xtra stuff
4.  15mm Opponent for my selucids - undecided as of now.
5.  28mm ECW Royalist and Parliamentarians 
            2 small units of Cav
            1 Box of Warlord Games Infantry
            2 Boxes of Firelocks

Stuff to start - I have everything or most everything

1.  28mm Samurai army - need some more units

2.  28mm Republican Roman army - Same
3.  28mm Imperial Roman army -Same
4.  28mm  Yet to be acquired foe for my Romans.
5. And if I have any time left, I have a TON of War of the Roses/Hundred Years War stuff I just got in a trade to paint.

Okay I think that is it.  What???  It's a long year....right?  ;)  If you have any idea's on who I should get for my Roman opponents in 28mm and my Selucid opponents in 15mm Please shoot me some idea's...



  1. WoW! That's an ambitious list similar mine in size except I suspect you finish yours!
    Looking forward to following your progress and good luck.


  2. Well an obvious choice to oppose your Seleucids is unfortunately...more Romans. Magnesia comes to mind.

  3. Good looking list, yes Romans or parthians if you are doing a later army, and what about celts or Germans for your Romans.....handy for about three hundred years and you can use them as allies also!


  4. Incredible list...but no trebuchet ;-D

  5. True I may not have a trebuchet, but I have 2 awesome resin bombards and crews. I don't know who makes them but they come with everything, the pivoting shields, everything... :p

    But I would truly love to have that nice trebuchet...