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Miniature Wargames

Friday, November 4, 2011

Misc. Stuff that needed to be finished and based

  Well I had several units that needed to be finished and based. Definitely nothing spectacular but I figured I would post them none the less.

First up are some not so fun to paint Essex British Light Dragoons, Short review in a word "lacking".  They were pretty plain to say the least, I am trying to get my point across about these miniatures without talking them down.  Anyway I decided to do a little xtra basing on them to liven them up a bit. They are painted as the British 9th Light Dragoons. I do have a question, does British Cavalry not fly a Nationa flags or something?  Every picture I could find of British Cav the were not flying the Union Jack.  Anyway so here they are... Not much mind you... And add in my "great" camera work and we have Craptastic stuff here...

Next up will be some Minifig/Essex mixed 95th Rifles set up as SK3 skirmish bases for Lasalle and the as an Irregular unit.  Same as above...

 Next I did a bunch of skirmish bases for my British units in Lasalle. There are 7 units worth of SK2 skirmishers.  These were Essex and the above statement applies.  I guess I am spoiled by AB or even Old Glory.  So here are some pics of them, again nothing to write home about trying to get them done and based for games.

Lastly some Command bases for my French army, they are a mixtures of AB and Old Glory. I am thinking they could use some more work and at some point I will.  Just wanted to get them table ready and worry about contest type work later...

Okay so that's it for now, I am going to do some 28mm work next, some Perry Hussar's.  Side note I just saw that the Perry's are just about to release some British Hussars, these I can not wait for!!!  Oh well that's it for now...



  1. Great looking figures!! I love the Essex figs, I know they're not as animated and not as individual looking as AB's but they're still great looking!!
    The AB/OG command stands look awesome, great colours. Talking of great colours, I see you've changed you blog background, wasn't it black before??
    As for the British Cavalry flags, I'm no expert, but I'm quite sure they never carried a Union flag, they carried squadron or company flags/guidons, in the facing colour of the unit, sometimes the flags may have the Union flag in the canton of the flag, that's the best I can do!!!

  2. Ray, Thanks you are too kind. You are fond of 15mm Essex? I am sorry I wish I could say the same, I literally have 12 lbs of 15mm Essex that I still have to make up into units and paint, too say that I am not looking forward to them is an understatement. I guess I am truly spoiled by AB at this point, I just can't get enough of them. As to the flag for the British Cavalry that's about what I thought, I do not have said guidons for these guys, do you have any made up?


  3. Very nice 15's. My French army is all Essex, but the ABs are very nice fig's too. Also very much looking forward to the Perry Hussars.

  4. You have been very busy lots of great painting and as far as the flags i will see what i can do i have some British flags save on the work computer not sure if there are any for cav but will make a jpeg which you can download from my blog later in the week