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Friday, November 25, 2011

Looking for 15-18mm 1815 British Heavy Dragoons....

I have been looking for some nice 15mm-18mm British Heavy Dragoons of the quality of AB or Eureka for example?  The ones I am looking for have the helmets similar to there French counterparts and NOT the Bicorne.  I am at a loss, I do not want Essex or OG  unless its the last resort. I know of the OG ones but  I am not sure of the quality.  Who am I missing?  I got a unit of 18  beautiful 28mm Perry.s the other day in trade, but they are a "little"  SO if you know of any other maker of these please let me know.  I have searched around on the net and found only bicorne types other than Essex.



  1. Hello. Check Campaign Game Miniatures. They r making very good heavy cavalry.

  2. Them Campaign Game figures are very, very nice!!!

  3. Hi Razor1,
    Yip I would agree with the guys.

    CGM make some nice figures, the horses are good (not as good as AB's, but then again most of the AB horses are little works of art) and look much better than OG.

    The troopers (and their infantry etc) look very good. My buddy painted a unit of them and they fit in very well with AB.

  4. NICE!!! Ray thanks, they even have some nice Scot's Greys as well... Good call mate! HAve you purchased from them before? where are they located, I saw Euro's so is it Spain?