Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Thursday, July 8, 2010

15mm Essex Jena Prussian Musketeers Nr.11 Schöning

I just got these mounted on their bases after painting them up.  I am going to look for areas that need touch ups then flock them and clear coat them.  The unit I chose was Nr.11 Schöning I just liked the some what blood red color that their facings are.  I have 4 more of these Essex Jena Prussian musketeer units to paint along with 3 Grenadier units and the I have some 2 AB Jena Prussian Dragoons units and 2 Large unit Kurassier units to paint up as well.  The large unit being a Lasalle unit that has a (+) next to it in the book so they are 18 in the unit instead of 12. I got the AB's in a trade with my friend Galpy in NZ.  Anyway here is Jena Prussian Musketeer Unit Nr.11 Schöning.

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