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Miniature Wargames

Friday, July 2, 2010

28mm Perry French Hussars have finally arrived!!!

Ok so I just went by my FLGS and found that the Perry French Hussars that I had ordered and paid for sometime ago had finally arrived!!! WOOT!!!  They are Brilliant!!!  There are 4 horse sprues, 1 command sprue, 4 Hussar trooper sprues, 1 base sprue and a beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL foldout covering the 1st-14th Regiments, Hussar-guides d' Augereau as well as the Deaths Head Hussars(1792), Jerome Napoleon Hussars and the Gardes d' Honneur 1813-1815!  With all of that you can make 14 Hussars per box including the command.  I got 3 boxes of them, I had ordered 4 but they are just hard to get around here, probably everywhere but the UK. In my opinion this is the best box they have put out to date!  I think for me the French Dragoons they came out with a few months ago would rate a close 2nd!  Anyway here are some pictures of the Sprues, box and that brilliant pamphlet!
Here is the box art
All the sprues in one picture.
The Command Sprue
A couple of the horse sprues.
The Trooper sprue.
And lastly the pamphlet showing all of the Hussar regiments as well as a couple of flags!  They did cost a little more than what I paid per box for the Dragoons, I do not know if this was due to a price increase are they just cost more, but even @ $38.00 they are worth it!

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  1. They are the best set from Perrys in my opinion. I really enjoyed painting these and want to get more.