Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Sunday, July 25, 2010

UGGGGHHHH!!! I have been drawn back to the Evil Empire!!! Well Kind of... :)

Okay so I have been doing mainly historicals over the past year with the odd Warmachine painting session or game.  Anyway When I went into the FLGS to pickup my commission work I got to speaking with my friend the owner and he was raving about 8th ed. Warhammer. So yea I got it and the startings of a Skaven army.  So here are some pics of the first piece a Skaven Doom Wheel.  This is a very nice kit, goes together well and has great details.  Later I will also post up pics of the Skaven Screaming bell when I get it further on like this one.  This is just about done with a few odd bits and bobs to still paint but I think it is coming along quite well if I do say so.  So here it is...  Sorry Gary I got drawn into this and have not finished the first battalion of Prussians,  but hell it is your fault telling me how great 8th ed was...etc etc etc... LOL I will finish them first thing tomorrow morning, I promise... Cheers...

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