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Miniature Wargames

Thursday, December 22, 2011

28mm Warlord Games Roman Army Done!!! For

I just finished the Warlord Games "boxed" army of Imperial Romans.  They are listed as follows:

4 Cohorts of Legionnaires
1 Cohort of Praetorians
1 Cohort of Veterans
1 Cohort of Auxiliary foot
1 unit of 12 Light Cavalry
4 Scorpions
and assorted leader types.

These guys were a hell of a lot to paint, the not so fun part was basing the entire army at once!  I officially HATE BASING FIGURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway I have these guys painted for like about a week now but the basing was killing me.  I finally forced myself to get the done to post.  I do not know how many points this is for Hail Caesar as I don't have the army list book but for Clash of Empires I have the list posted in either the main rule book or the web, either way these guys kitted out to the max come out to about 4220pts.

I am now waiting for the last bits from a trade I did some time ago to arrive.  Supposedly tomorrow arrives my Vikings, Saxons and Norman Knights.  As SAGA rules and associated dice are unobtainium, I will be using Skjaldborg Rules as they are what I could find on the web.   And hopefully my Celts/Gauls/Dacians will arrive at some point. Then I will be ready to go with either Hail Caesar or COE, but until I get the army lists book for Hail Caesar I will be using COE point values obviously...



  1. They look great; it's always good to see an entire army painted and based the same way. Personally, I hate basing so much that I would never try to do a whole load like this in one go - I do a unit at a time. It really is a chore...

  2. Super! I have mixed feelings on basing figures in that it's laborious, but I feel it's a very important aspect and so I try to spend time on it, because if I don't like the result then it can spoil things for me.


  3. A fantastic collection of very nice looking figures, I know what you mean about basing, its such a chore and its never nice doing a whole bunch of them!!!

  4. they look very good! Keep them coming!

  5. Great looking Early Imperial Romans. A unit at a time works for me painting and basing.

  6. thanks everyone. As to basing I was having so much fun getting the results I was out of my romans without the time investment that I am used to with Napoleonics that I just put the basing off and kept painting. I have already started painting my Hannibal/Carthaginian era Romans but will put those on hold when my Saxons, Vikings and Norman knights arrive tomorrow. Has anyone had any experience with or heard of the rules Skjaldborg? As those will be the rules I will be using until such time as I can locate a copy of SAGA and dice...


  7. Yes we are ok but can i say its very hard to piant straight lines while everything around you is moving including the table. thats two big ones now one just came through a few minutes ago

  8. Yeah I know this is an older post but I will still comment.
    They look awesome. I have a collection of these I have been very slowly putting together over time. They are great figures to work with.