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Miniature Wargames

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Warlord Games 28mm Romans coming along nicely.

I got these guys about 2 weeks ago and have been painting as I can, I have not been painting as much as I usually do as I have been working at a new job and have some other life  type things getting in the way.  Anyway I found these guys nice to paint, I am absolutely in love with the "Army Painter" Dip specifically the Medium one called "Strong Tone".  I have used Dark Tone in the past and was debating about using it on these guys but when I opened my dark tone it was more Solid dark tone, so in the bin it went. So far I have 1 Legionarie unit done and 2 other almost done as well as 1 unit of auxiliary cavalry and 1 unit of Auxiliary infantry. My dip process is as follows:

My "Army Painter" finishing process.

1st. I first brush on the Army Painter dip after shaking the tub. I brush on until I get the effect I like so it is rather lightly.
2nd after it drys about 6hrs here, very dry climate....lucky me.
3rd I use the Army Painter "Anti Shine" and mist that on, it does not take alot just enough to remove the glossy appearance. I can not say how much I really love the Anti-shine.  It works miracles and is very fast drying.
4. Once that all drys I start highlighting the miniatures areas I want to bring out more detail with light colors of the base colors I feel like doing, on these guys I did not do much of this as I wanted them to look a bit trail tired so to speak and sun tanned. I did it mainly on the Tunics.
5.  After that I put on the Shield transfers IMHO the next best thing to a big steak dinner I love shield transfers.
6. I then put some GW 'ard coat on the shield transfers almost as soon as I am done putting them on the entire unit, also getting some under the corners that have turned up slightly. After covering the hole shield front with 'ard coat, I let that dry, again it does not take long, but that will vary with your climate. and lastly I do a very, very light misting of  "Army Painter Anti-Shine" on the shield faces I just got done doing and thats it.

So anyway that's it. So here are the first 3 units done. I still need to do the basing, but I am waiting for bases, although I may just go ahead and do these guys before they get here.  Also I still have not recieved the missing stuff from the army I got of which these are a part of from Warlord Games, they supposedly sent them out late last month and told me the other day if I dont see them by xmas to call them or email.  I am not going to say anything on that.... I think you can figure that one out on your own.  I hope you like the mini's....cheers

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  1. Great looking figures, love the shields! I'll have to look at the anti shine spay your talking about, I normally use hand painted matt varnish, but recently they've not been working too well?? Fingers crossed you get the replacements for the missing Romans, you'll need something to paint over Christmas after all.

  2. Great looking figures, might have to give the army painter a go at some point

  3. They look great. I love Warlord Romans - need to try out those Celt Chariots too. Best, Dean

  4. Thanks everyone. I should have the rest of my Romans totaling 5 cohorts of legionaries, 1 Praetorian Guard, ! Auxiliary Foot, 1 Auxiliary Horse and all leaders except the stuff that I was missing to included scorpions and crew and Auqifier(sp). Anyway thanks again...