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Miniature Wargames

Monday, May 23, 2011

15mm Napoleonics Collection so far.

Okay so after seeing Paul Alba's collection over at this blog some time ago I finally decided to get some pictures up of mine.  Here is Paul's link

Also Please note that a couple of the units in various armies were painted by Galpy, they include my Dutch Lancers, a unit of Hussars, a unit of French Dragoons and a unit of Nassau Infantry.  I hope I didn't miss any...  his link is below

Anyway here is the collection to date.  This all of my painted 15mm Napleonics.  They are a combination of AB, Old Glory, Essex, Battle Honors and a we bit of Minifigs.
Above is my British Infantry command stands and skirmish stands to date. 1x40 Guard unit, 1x20 95th rifles (Irregular mounting) and 6x3 man skirmish bases, 5x32 Line infantry units, 1x32 Highlander unit(w/ Approp. skirmisher stands) and 1x32 Nassau infantry unit.
Above is my British Cavalry and artillery, as you can see I need a bit more here.  I will get more of what I need here when I do my next AB order. 1xbattery of Congrieve(sp) rockets,1xRHA battery, 1x RA Battery, 2x12 Hussars, 1x12 Light Dragoons and 1x18 Heavy Dragoons.
Here are my 1806(Jena) Prussians.  I still need to flock the bases on these and I still have a TON more to paint of these as well. So far 4 various infantry units, 2 batteries of AB artillery still to finish w/Limbers, 1x18 AB Kuirassier unit. and some AB command stands
This is my French Artillery I have both Foot and Horse Batteries here and they are all AB except for a few cannon above... 3 foot batteries and 2 horse batteries. As stated below these are getting rebased.
Here is my French Cavalry here are 3x12 Dragoon units, 2x18 large Cuirassier units, 2x12 Guard Lancers, 1x12 Lancer, 1x12 Chausser and 2x12 Hussars. Also command stands at the lower right.
Here is my French infantry and skirmishers so far, they include 2x32 Guard units, 1x Legere unit, 1x32 Suisse line unit, 7x32 Line units.  So that is the collection, I have been painting this since around April last year when I started collecting and painting them.

I am in the process of rebasing my Artillery as I had the bases lengthwise for depth and discovered that they should be based width wise also on the table right now and in the process of painting are an AB French lancer unit, 1 AB French Legere unit, Some AB Napoleon and retinue. and another unit of Dragoons again AB.  Oh well it is not much but it is mine and ready to table for the most part.  Enjoy... Cheers.


  1. That's a large collection to be proud of.


  2. Thanks guys it is about 8 months of off and on work I guess, and it was fun to do. Thanks and cheers.

  3. Thats quite a lot for ony 8 months - good show!

  4. That's an awesome collection, I haven't been about the blogosphere for years, just stumbled on your post. Thanks for the kind link!