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Miniature Wargames

Monday, May 17, 2010

Poll: which Napoleonic Rules Systems is Better?

Ok here is the deal, as I do not hink polling is possible on the blog I need comments, which of these 3 Napoleonics rules systems is the best:

Wargames Foundry Napoleon
General de Brigade
Age of Eagles

So if you have an opinion and have played the rules system then please leave a coment, I have all for and need to make a decision basing wise.  All of these are compatible with each other basing wise except for General de brigade, hence the question.  Please let me know...



  1. After reading alot of reviews I was going to play Lasalle but the lack of local players put me off (for now anyway). I have read GdB which looks good. They are releasing version 3 of the rules soon though. Try The Miniatures Page or Google.

  2. I think there is a poll option under "Gadgets." As far as the systems listed, I've only tried Lasalle - and only once at a convention. It was fun, but of course for a convention you only get a whiff of the actual rules. I've played Sharp Practice a lot, but that is basically small-scale skirmish gaming. Dean

  3. I would say that you are pretty safe basing with 40mm x 40mm bases for Infantry ( four to a base). This is what i'm up to and judging by what i have seen, this seems to be the norm.
    I'm basing mine up for the 'Napoleon' game as you know. However, I haven't played it yet so can't really comment on It. There are few things we have tweaked for our own needs but haven't got around to rolling any dice yet. We also had a look at 'Black Powder', but the lack of Army lists put us off slightly. So we are sticking with Napoleon for the time being.

    Of course being a painter foremost and not having even started any British yet, It could be a long time yet lol.

  4. P.s Your polish lancers are looking very nice indeed. You just can't beat the Napoleonic era for amazing colours and uniforms. Tricky and time comsumming but worth the effort in the end. Nice work.

  5. Thanks I think the Pole's turned out pretty good. I am just not going to beat myself up on detailing 15mm mini's...

  6. Dean, I found the polling options, thanks...