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Miniature Wargames

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Units that I have been working on of late

Well I have been working on several units both French and British 15mm miniatures to kinda get my armies in order to play quickly.  These were just painted up right now to a lower table top standard, I just wanted to get them on the table, I will touch them up later as time permits. So I am sorry nothing fancy right now, I just haven't posted anything for a bit. First up I did 6 AB Cuirassier to go with the first 12 I had already painted some time a go to make a Large Lasalle unit for Cav. of 18 figures .  These are AB...
Next up is a unit if French Ligne Infantry, these are Old Glory
Next up is the British 15th Hussars,  at least I hope they are, I have had a terrible time finding any resource material on British Light Dragoons and Hussars so I have kinda made due with what I could fins, I hope they are correct.  These are also AB figures
Next up are some 15mm British line infantry(unit undetermined at this time)  They were okay figure wise just a little on the smallish/squat size but other than that they were good. These are Essex.
Next I have some 15mm French Ligne Lancers these are the 6th Regiment, reference material on these was a lot better  and I really liked painting these, I have 1 more unit of 12 to of these AB Ligne Lancers to paint, I will get to them soon. These are AB.
Last is a few stands to build out a Large British Lasalle infantry unit, these are guard.  The figures are Essex and were typical for the type.
I am still working on British 95th Rifleman they are a mix of Battle Honors, Mini-fig's and Essex both a irregular unit and skirmish stands, as well as some regular infantry skirmish stands for my Brits.  I do have to say getting the proper green  on the 95th riflemen along with the dull appearance of these it makes it hard to get them right. After I finish all that up next will be:

AB French Napoleon Lasalle pack w/8 figures.
AB 15mm French Legere unit - Lasalle unit pack
AB 15mm French Ligne Lancers - Lasalle unit pack
AB 15mm French Dragoons - Lasalle unit pack
AB 15mm French Limbers (x2)
Essex 15mm Congreve(sp) Rockets

Anyways that is it for now, again please note that these are painted to a table top level of quality and not much more as I am just trying to get the units out there, afterwards I can add details as I need to.  So enjoy...


  1. Thanks, like I said they need some touch ups but I needed them on the table for a game and refuse to play with miniatures that are not painted even roughly. They will all be touched up as I have time.