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Miniature Wargames

Monday, May 30, 2011

Problems trying to leave comments on other blogs

I am now having problems trying to leave comments on other blogs using firefox 4.0.1. Everyone else's comments are there but the box for you to leave your comment is not there.  I tried to leave a comment to Ken on his brilliant French Dragoons he just finished and couldn't, his blog is at:

I do not know if anyone else is having this issue but I sure am. Also the new posts at the top right of the blogger screen on my blog is gone so I could not leave a new post via that but had to do it by logging into blogger directly, if that makes any sense...  It is hard to describe.  So if any of you are having these issues I would like to know...ummm some how as you probably will be having the first issue I described...


Saturday, May 28, 2011

15mm AB Napoleon and Command staff, Painting done.

 I just finished this piece, it is Napoleon, his command staff and escorts.  This was not terribly difficult to do just tedious.  I still need to do the basing and am not sure how I want to proceed with that, so I will think on it for a bit and I am open to suggestions.  Well here are some pics, I think it turned out pretty good, but how it turned out is up to you, what do you think? As I stated before I have openings for commissions right now so if you need something painted speak up... Rates are reasonable... :-) Cheers...

Friday, May 27, 2011

AB 15mm Napoleon and retinue stand Part 1

I got these guys a couple of weeks ago and started painting them up and basing etc.  I made the base out of 1/8" plastic card and magnetic tape and I made it kind of a football(American) shape.  So far I have Napoleon done and Roustam his personal Mameluke.  On Roustam the tail broke off on his horse taking it out of the bag and disappeared, don't ask me I don't know I have never had issues with AB before, anyway the only spare tail I could get was off of an Essex horse so it is an AB horse body with an Essex tail...  I see by these pics I need to touch up Roustam a bit in the face and on the a fore mentioned tail.  So there they are so far what do you think?

As promised a box to take pics of your miniatures...

 Ok I got to thinking that one of my week points on this blog about miniatures was pictures.  So I made a light box or photography box or whatever you want to call it, it is made out of a Games Workshop Battalion box set and cut down on two sides. I then glued in white copy paper so that it had a good white background. So here it is... and it took all of a minute or so to make.

and that's it and all there is to it, now hopefully it will make taking pictures of my miniatures turn out better.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

15mm AB French 5th Lancers

I just finished these guys up with the exception of flocking.  This bunch turned out much better than the 6th Lancers that I did some time ago.  I do not know why but these were really fun to paint, more so that than when painting the 6th.  I tried to take a little extra time with these to get them right and I think they turned out good.  I also made a special box for taking photographs that I will do a blog entry on later.  Okay so now I have the 5th and the 6th Lancers so my French lancer contingent for Quatra Bras is covered.  I still need to buy and paint up 2 more units of these guys for Lasalle as an Organic Brigade.  So anyways please let me know what you think, what I did right, what I should change and or drop from the figs.  When I order these Lasalle units packs from I keep forgetting that they do not include a Guidon or Eagle, I must remember this in the future.  If anyone has 2 spare Eagles for French Lancers from AB that they do not need please let me know... Thats it for now.  Next post "How to" on making a photography box... ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

15mm AB French Horse Battery painting and rebasing...

Okay so I painted the cannons and crews some time ago but I just painted up the horse and limbers.  I also rebased the cannon themselves as I had discovered that I had mounted the base with the long way deep and instead of the long way of the base being across the front of the guns themselves.  I hope that makes sense.  Anyways I am also trying to do so more interesting basing on my 15's, I usually just flock the whole base and am done with it with the exception of my 28mm stuff which I try to do a more elaborate base.  After seeing a lot of great painted and based mini's on the web I decided that I will rebase all of my 15mm stuff to better depict "real ground".  So here they are please let me know what you think.

Monday, May 23, 2011

15mm Napoleonics Collection so far.

Okay so after seeing Paul Alba's collection over at this blog some time ago I finally decided to get some pictures up of mine.  Here is Paul's link

Also Please note that a couple of the units in various armies were painted by Galpy, they include my Dutch Lancers, a unit of Hussars, a unit of French Dragoons and a unit of Nassau Infantry.  I hope I didn't miss any...  his link is below

Anyway here is the collection to date.  This all of my painted 15mm Napleonics.  They are a combination of AB, Old Glory, Essex, Battle Honors and a we bit of Minifigs.
Above is my British Infantry command stands and skirmish stands to date. 1x40 Guard unit, 1x20 95th rifles (Irregular mounting) and 6x3 man skirmish bases, 5x32 Line infantry units, 1x32 Highlander unit(w/ Approp. skirmisher stands) and 1x32 Nassau infantry unit.
Above is my British Cavalry and artillery, as you can see I need a bit more here.  I will get more of what I need here when I do my next AB order. 1xbattery of Congrieve(sp) rockets,1xRHA battery, 1x RA Battery, 2x12 Hussars, 1x12 Light Dragoons and 1x18 Heavy Dragoons.
Here are my 1806(Jena) Prussians.  I still need to flock the bases on these and I still have a TON more to paint of these as well. So far 4 various infantry units, 2 batteries of AB artillery still to finish w/Limbers, 1x18 AB Kuirassier unit. and some AB command stands
This is my French Artillery I have both Foot and Horse Batteries here and they are all AB except for a few cannon above... 3 foot batteries and 2 horse batteries. As stated below these are getting rebased.
Here is my French Cavalry here are 3x12 Dragoon units, 2x18 large Cuirassier units, 2x12 Guard Lancers, 1x12 Lancer, 1x12 Chausser and 2x12 Hussars. Also command stands at the lower right.
Here is my French infantry and skirmishers so far, they include 2x32 Guard units, 1x Legere unit, 1x32 Suisse line unit, 7x32 Line units.  So that is the collection, I have been painting this since around April last year when I started collecting and painting them.

I am in the process of rebasing my Artillery as I had the bases lengthwise for depth and discovered that they should be based width wise also on the table right now and in the process of painting are an AB French lancer unit, 1 AB French Legere unit, Some AB Napoleon and retinue. and another unit of Dragoons again AB.  Oh well it is not much but it is mine and ready to table for the most part.  Enjoy... Cheers.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

15mm AB French Horse Limber and Artillery Piece.

I just got done painting this 15mm AB French Horse artillery limber and gun up, hopefully this is finished other than the minor things.  I wanted to give it a nicer base than I did but I don't have the materials at the moment so it got the normal static grass treatment.  Anyway as usual the AB's are splendid to paint, I hope to ultimately have the majority of my armies in 15mm Napoleonics filled with the AB's.  You just can't go wrong with them.  I particularly like the Lasalle unit packs that they sell.  Yes I have Lasalle but I also have AOE and GdB of which there should be no rebasing from one to the next.  At some point I hope to get Republic to Empire and hopefully the basing will be good for it as well.
Okay there it is, please let me know what you think... cheers.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Units that I have been working on of late

Well I have been working on several units both French and British 15mm miniatures to kinda get my armies in order to play quickly.  These were just painted up right now to a lower table top standard, I just wanted to get them on the table, I will touch them up later as time permits. So I am sorry nothing fancy right now, I just haven't posted anything for a bit. First up I did 6 AB Cuirassier to go with the first 12 I had already painted some time a go to make a Large Lasalle unit for Cav. of 18 figures .  These are AB...
Next up is a unit if French Ligne Infantry, these are Old Glory
Next up is the British 15th Hussars,  at least I hope they are, I have had a terrible time finding any resource material on British Light Dragoons and Hussars so I have kinda made due with what I could fins, I hope they are correct.  These are also AB figures
Next up are some 15mm British line infantry(unit undetermined at this time)  They were okay figure wise just a little on the smallish/squat size but other than that they were good. These are Essex.
Next I have some 15mm French Ligne Lancers these are the 6th Regiment, reference material on these was a lot better  and I really liked painting these, I have 1 more unit of 12 to of these AB Ligne Lancers to paint, I will get to them soon. These are AB.
Last is a few stands to build out a Large British Lasalle infantry unit, these are guard.  The figures are Essex and were typical for the type.
I am still working on British 95th Rifleman they are a mix of Battle Honors, Mini-fig's and Essex both a irregular unit and skirmish stands, as well as some regular infantry skirmish stands for my Brits.  I do have to say getting the proper green  on the 95th riflemen along with the dull appearance of these it makes it hard to get them right. After I finish all that up next will be:

AB French Napoleon Lasalle pack w/8 figures.
AB 15mm French Legere unit - Lasalle unit pack
AB 15mm French Ligne Lancers - Lasalle unit pack
AB 15mm French Dragoons - Lasalle unit pack
AB 15mm French Limbers (x2)
Essex 15mm Congreve(sp) Rockets

Anyways that is it for now, again please note that these are painted to a table top level of quality and not much more as I am just trying to get the units out there, afterwards I can add details as I need to.  So enjoy...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just some WIP pics as I have not posted anything for a while.

I have been working on the French 4th Line Lancers along with British and French command stands.  These are AB miniatures for the French the Marshall's and Generals and the ADC sets. The British command I think is Old Glory, I have had them for a awhile and can not remember. The round one is "Old Nosie" and the Line Lancers are AB.  After I get done with these I am going to finished up my ECW Newcastle White Coats... so with me lick on those, I will be dipping them...