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Miniature Wargames

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miniature Projects for 2012

Well I have been gaining a lot of new stuff over the last couple of months through trades and with the existing stuff I have I have decided what projects I will be doing for next year.  I am going to list these in not any particular order, just as they come to mind...

 Stuff to finish
1.  28mm Napoleonics British and French - still growing  as of now
           1 Battery of French Foot Artillery - have Perry's
           1 Battery of French Horse Artillery - have Perry's
           1 unit of 12 Perry Metal British 1815 Heavy Dragoons
           3 boxes Perry Plastic British Infantry 
           3 boxes of  Perry Plastic French Infantry
           2 boxes of Perry Plastic French Hussars
           2 units of Dragoons Plastic Perry's
           2-4 boxes of Perry British Hussars whenever they get released around here

2.  15-18mm Napoleonics British and French   Almost done for now.
            3 British Infantry units 32ea - have AB's
            2 French Infantry units 32ea  - have AB's
            2 Portuguese Cacadores units 32ea - have AB's
3.  15mm Selucid army - I have partially done OG Selucid boxed army plus some xtra stuff
4.  15mm Opponent for my selucids - undecided as of now.
5.  28mm ECW Royalist and Parliamentarians 
            2 small units of Cav
            1 Box of Warlord Games Infantry
            2 Boxes of Firelocks

Stuff to start - I have everything or most everything

1.  28mm Samurai army - need some more units

2.  28mm Republican Roman army - Same
3.  28mm Imperial Roman army -Same
4.  28mm  Yet to be acquired foe for my Romans.
5. And if I have any time left, I have a TON of War of the Roses/Hundred Years War stuff I just got in a trade to paint.

Okay I think that is it.  What???  It's a long year....right?  ;)  If you have any idea's on who I should get for my Roman opponents in 28mm and my Selucid opponents in 15mm Please shoot me some idea's...


Saturday, November 26, 2011

I don't know what to say, Warlord Games???

Ok so I just received my order from Warlord games of the Hail Caesar Legions of Rome Big box set.  SO after waiting 2 wks for it to arrive to say I was excited was an understatement!  Well I opened the box and the excitement kinda disappeared. 

The parts I was missing are as follows:

1.  4 x Scorpion and crew - eg there were NONE in the box, but were supposed to be 4
2.  1 x Aquifier was missing
3.   Heres the best part there was not a sprue of bases in the entirety of the army, thats 8 boxes of guys and NOT one sprue of bases
4.   Next missing was the shield transfers for the Auxiliary Cavalry.

On a positive note the plastic was nicely done on the rest of the army. On a not so positive note,  the first box I opened to clean up and put together, the Auxiliary Cavalry you have to see the pictures below to see crap and this is what I got on every horse in addition 2 of the horses were not entirely formed with the only thing holding some of the hoof's on were the mold connectors between the base of the model and the leg.

  There was flash everywhere, connector pieces, slag on the bottom of the miniatures, in the last 30+ years of painting miniatures these were the worst I had worked on yet, and having already built one warlord games army, my ECW armies I was stunned.  I have sent Warlord Games several emails as I discovered stuff missing as I went and things like the missing base sprues did not register with me right away as well as the missing shield transfers.  I just hope they make good on all of this stuff and that this certainly does not happen to anyone else...  Several years ago when I had an issue with a $240.00 Battlefront FOW boxed army, the headquarters in New Zealand sent me an ENTIRE new $240.00 boxed army!!! Now that is customer service!  I am not expecting anything here as I didn't when dealing with Battlefront.  But that single act by Battlefront kept me as a customer.  Warlord Games???  We will see it is in their court now so to speak...

18mm AB 1st and 3rd KGL Hussars, Done.

I just rushed through these two units of KGL Hussar this morning and part of last night for our first game of Lasalle with my buddy this afternoon.  The figures we will be using will be from my collection as his Russians are not table ready yet.  He will be playing the British and I will be playing the French.  These guys were great to paint, although I could have done better had I not had to rush. Again these are on temp bases as I am waiting for my Litko order to get made.  Anyway I could not find definitive info on coloring for the KGL units so I took as stab at them from pictures I could find on the web, some of which were conflicting from one site to the next so I had to make judgement calls on facing etc.  The first unit will be the 1st KGL Hussars and the second will be the 3rd KGL Hussars... I also would like to apologize for me crappy picture taking, I never claimed to be good at that... :) 1st KGL

3rd KGL

Friday, November 25, 2011

Looking for 15-18mm 1815 British Heavy Dragoons....

I have been looking for some nice 15mm-18mm British Heavy Dragoons of the quality of AB or Eureka for example?  The ones I am looking for have the helmets similar to there French counterparts and NOT the Bicorne.  I am at a loss, I do not want Essex or OG  unless its the last resort. I know of the OG ones but  I am not sure of the quality.  Who am I missing?  I got a unit of 18  beautiful 28mm Perry.s the other day in trade, but they are a "little"  SO if you know of any other maker of these please let me know.  I have searched around on the net and found only bicorne types other than Essex.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

AB 18mm British 7th Hussars and Royal horse artillery limbers plus guns

These are not my best paint jobs as I am rushing them for a Lasalle game this weekend.  First is the British 7th Hussars, these mini's were brilliant with beautiful detail.  I did have a ton of trouble painting the front of the tunics however.  Next are several Royal horse battery limber x1, as well as Regular foot limbers x2.  I have 3 battery's but one 9lbr is not there as the wheels were missing when I got them.  So I will spare you the close ups I am not happy with them but they will pass for now.     
Also please note that I have these mounted on temp bases as the Litko order I placed will be a long time coming.  I think in the future I will cut my own bases.  to wait 6 weeks for them to arrive is a bit much.  Especially when you thought they might get here in 10-14 days. After these guys I still have 2 KGL Cavalry units of 12 each and a 32 man Cacadore unit plus skirmishers to paint before Saturday God willing.  Anyway here they are...   God Bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving for those in the States.  Also it looks like I gave this post a +1 rating on google, I do not know how I did this, but it was inadvertent...sorry

Saturday, November 12, 2011

28mm Perry 7th Hussars Done!

Okay so I just finished these guys up, I am fairly happy with how they turned out, I wanted to thank everyone that gave me advise on these it is much appreciated.  Anyway no long preamble  I give you the French 7th Hussars!  I do not know what I will be doing next, but I did just find a bunch of British AB 18mm Nappies in my collection that I had gotten when I was on my "break", so maybe those...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

28mm Perry 7th Hussars WIP +Half Done

I just finished the 2nd stand of 4 for this unit, so I have 6 horses and riders left to paint.  This group has shako's this time.  I took the advise from others and stopped painting(or trying) eyes.  If you are lousy at painting them like I am, they will detract from what would otherwise be good work.  So here they are...

Thanks for stopping by... cheers

Monday, November 7, 2011

28mm Perry 7th Hussars WIP +3

I just got these to this point, I can only think of the basing that needs to be done, what say you?  Rodger and Ray I decided that what you said in WIP+2  is correct I was being hard on myself... well not really but I took you guys word for it... ;)  Anyway here they are.  Oh yea I am horrible at painting eyes...

Really do you think these are okay?  I can't get past the layering or lack of the appearance of it on the Jackets and pants...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

28mm Perry 7th Hussars WIP +2

Ok 2nd update, I have done some detail work and cleaned up the painting over all as well as Painting the horses.  I still need to paint the details on the horses etc. and the riders still need more work.  I am haivng issues with my painting in general.  I have a base coat and a highlight on the major area's eg the red and green area's although you would be hard pressed to see it.  I am thinking of rebase coating those area's like paints and shirt/jacket and then trying highlighting them again.  If this doesn't work "hi ho a merry go a dipping I will go."... I just cant figure out why I cant get this right! grrr!!! very frustrating!

28mm Perry 7th Hussars WIP +1

Okay so I have had these guys for sometime in the collection along with 3 more boxes.  Anyway I decided to do a little 28mm stuff and decided on these guys.  They are being painted up as the 7th Hussars around 1812ish.  I really like the miniatures, they have very good detail for plastic and go together well, although I would prefer to not have the additional time of building them as well as painting them, time is precious.  This is the first group of 3 of which the total units size is 12.  They will be based up for Lasalle, I will also be able to use them for GdB.  let me know what you think so far...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Misc. Stuff that needed to be finished and based

  Well I had several units that needed to be finished and based. Definitely nothing spectacular but I figured I would post them none the less.

First up are some not so fun to paint Essex British Light Dragoons, Short review in a word "lacking".  They were pretty plain to say the least, I am trying to get my point across about these miniatures without talking them down.  Anyway I decided to do a little xtra basing on them to liven them up a bit. They are painted as the British 9th Light Dragoons. I do have a question, does British Cavalry not fly a Nationa flags or something?  Every picture I could find of British Cav the were not flying the Union Jack.  Anyway so here they are... Not much mind you... And add in my "great" camera work and we have Craptastic stuff here...

Next up will be some Minifig/Essex mixed 95th Rifles set up as SK3 skirmish bases for Lasalle and the as an Irregular unit.  Same as above...

 Next I did a bunch of skirmish bases for my British units in Lasalle. There are 7 units worth of SK2 skirmishers.  These were Essex and the above statement applies.  I guess I am spoiled by AB or even Old Glory.  So here are some pics of them, again nothing to write home about trying to get them done and based for games.

Lastly some Command bases for my French army, they are a mixtures of AB and Old Glory. I am thinking they could use some more work and at some point I will.  Just wanted to get them table ready and worry about contest type work later...

Okay so that's it for now, I am going to do some 28mm work next, some Perry Hussar's.  Side note I just saw that the Perry's are just about to release some British Hussars, these I can not wait for!!!  Oh well that's it for now...