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Miniature Wargames

Thursday, February 16, 2012

28mm OG foot Samurai

I finished these a bit ago but just finished basing them.  I found a box of washers in my toolbox that happen to be 20mm outside diameter so they were used on this project.  I will use them for the whole lot of Samurai I am doing.  On these I hi lighted them some after the dip to help them get "bright" again so to speak.  After all have you ever seen a dirty Samurai? ;)  The back banners are from the Wargames factory Ashigaru plastic boxed set.  Again sorry for the crappy pics...

28mm OG mounted Samurai and Ashigaru archers

I finished these up several days ago along with some foot Samurai which I will post later.  These are Old Glory from the Samurai line, which I find very good.  These were finished with Warlord Games Strong tone dip brushed on as I usually do.  I am debating doing some hi lighting on the brighter colors to make them stand out more.  I did do this on the foot Samurai I will post later, so you will be able to see the difference.

Monday, February 13, 2012

28mm OG Mounted Samurai Bowman

I decided to skip all the WIP posts for obvious reasons and just post the final result prior to basing.  These are OG Mounted Samurai Bowmen.  I do like the OG figures in their Samurai range they appear to be better than a lot of the other ranges IMHO.  These are painted up for the Sengaku period but not specific to any army yet, although I do have 2 armies in mind as I generally have to build both sides of the table forces wise so to speak. These were "dipped" using Warlord Games quick  shade strong tone.  Anyway here they are.

Monday, February 6, 2012

28mm Samurai Infantry WIP

Okay so I finally got the guts up to try to paint my Samurai.  I need some comments on what is done so far what looks good and doesn't.  They are in a basic WIP right now so no where near finished.  These are Old Glory figures, which I was pleasantly surprised to see cast very well. Anyway I an doing the Sengaku Period for both of the armies I will be painting.  As I have few to no partners to play games with that have mini's I have to build and paint both sides as I am sure you have figured out from previous works I have posted here.  That goes for everything I want to do with historicals in this area.  Anyway here they are, I need constructive criticism good or bad, things you like and things I need to change.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Napoleonics painted in the last couple of days. This time the 4th Cacadores

I have had all these AB mini's in my mini storage for sometime and havent done anything with them since I got on my 28mm ancients kick.  Anyway as usual AB's are the best, but you all know that, these are painted as the 4th Portuguese Cacadores. I really liked the the brown with the light blue contrast.  I am playing around with my camera trying to learn it better and playing with exposure compensation etc as normally my pictures are less then good.  I also re-did the AB British 44th Infantry in my last post so go back and look at the pictures.