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Miniature Wargames

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I needed a change...AB Napoleonic British Infantry the 44th(East Essex)

*Please NOTE that I redid the pictures this morning....

     I just finished these guys up a little while ago, I am trying a basing method I used to use for FOW stuff when I collected them, it's called Pumice basing material from vallejo.  The pumice is like a runny paste for lack of a better term, kinda like very wet sand and you put it on with a brush at least I do, it is water based so rinse your brushes out well when you are done.  I kinda get a bunch of the pumise stuff on my brush and put it around the mini's until the base is done.  I then let it dry and paint it with graveyard earth or Vallejo Flat Earth, then flock it and done. I decided to paint them up as the 44th(East Essex) , no reason in particular except I wanted some yellow facings. The flags are off of the internet from war flags I think and they don't appear to be scaling well as they are pixelating Anyway here they are...I noticed after posting that the pictures are blurry, this photographay stuff is going to be the bain of me! I guess I can photograph a tutorial of how I do the pumice basing at some point, would you all like that?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

10mm OG and mixed Napoleonic Russians that I have that need to find a new home

Okay I got a big bunch of 10mm Napoleonic Russians some painted  some not that I got from my Friend Kent at 15mm Paint Shack about 2 years ago.  Anyway I have come to the conclusion that I am just not going to get around to painting them and using them.  I already have 28mm and 15mm Napoleonics and just think a 3rd scale is rather pointless at least for me.  Anyway If you are interested in a trade of some sorts get in touch with me and we can work something out.  I can get pictures taken for you to see what I have...

Things that I am looking for:

28mm Seleucids any maker pretty much
28mm Greek and Spartan Army
28mm Crusades stuff both Arab and European armies
28mm British Napoleonic Cavalry, Infantry, Leadership types
28mm French Napoleonic anything
15mm AB Napoleonic anything but generally use French, British and both of their minor allies
28mm Vikings, Normans and Anglo-Saxon along with SAGA rules

Ok I think that is about it, so if you are needing a lot of 10mm Napoleonic Russians let me know you are interested and what you have.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Last post .....of Warlord Games Dacian warhost

Finished these the other day and saved the pics till today, not that it matter much...  Anyway I hope you like them.  As above these are the Plastic Warlord Games Dacian Warhost boxed set.  The only thing I really don't like with plastics is the time wasted putting these together.  I still have 3 more boxes to paint but I will spare you a bunch of the same. That said here they are... I did my usual AP "dip procedure" that I usually do, mainly just to get them on the table, not comp painting.  Right now I am debating about devoting any further time to this blog, so let me know if  this is useful to you and I should keep going or not...cheers

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Warlord Games Celtic Archers

I finished these yesterday as well, nothing really special about them.  The Warlord sculpts are good but with 4 different ones that can get repetitive quickly.  Again I am having to use grass flock to try to simulate grass tufts as I am out and so is my FLGS.  Anyway I will post more soon...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hail CaesarUnits sizes that are more resonable to us mere mortals...

After getting Hail Caesar from Warlord Games before Christmas last year, I have read the rules and took some of what was said to heart.  One, that being unit sizes.  In the rule book, Rick Priestly suggested the following:

Player feel free to set unit sizes with fewer or more models as they please, these just happen to be the sizes we use and which suit our collection. With that I mind, I set my unit sizes for those of us mere mortals that have mere mortal collections…lol

So here are the tables I created with the modifications as would best suit my collection and those around this area that have armies as well.
Below: Unit sizes

Type of Troop
Standard Size
2 Deep Infantry
10-16 models
24-32 models
6-8 models
5-6 models
3 Deep Infantry
15-20 models
36-48 models
9-12 models
5-6 models
4 Deep Infantry
20-30 models
40-60 models
12-18 models
Not Allowed

Below: Formation Widths

Type of Troops
2 Deep Infantry
2 Deep Battle Line
3 Deep Infantry
3 Deep Battle Line
4 Deep Infantry/Phalanx
4 Deep Warband/Phalanx

Let me know what you think. To those at Warlord Games I just wanted to say that I hope you do not mind me posting these tables to help out others that have bought your Rules.  If you do not like this I will happily remove it.

2nd unit is Warlord Games Sarmatan Cataphract

I just finish these up this morning, actually they have been painted for a few days but I have been putting the basing off, anyone that follows my blog knows how much I DON'T love flocking and painting  I really do have to say after painting this 2nd set of the Warlord Games Samaritan Cataphract that these are some of the best miniatures I have ever had the privilege to paint in close to 30 yrs of on and off painting!  Worth every cent period!  I painted these up so as to be able to use them as Romans by painting Reds and Tan/White colors common to Roman units I have seen elsewhere, yes I know they aren't Romans but I don't have but 1 Cavalry unit for my EIR Romans and they are light to medium types, so these will act as Roman Cataphractii or Clibinarii(sp) until such time as I can get them.

If you don't have any of these guys and are looking at get some have no fear they are fantastic sets of miniatures!  Also I wanted to note two things as follows below.

1st: I have run out of grass tufts so I tried the best I could to simulate them using flock.

2nd the 100mm Spears that come with these sets are lethally sharp, I would suggest sands them or grinding the tips down in some way as I did.  I used a dremel mototool with a sanding wheel to take the sharp bits off the tip.  With these guys it is very easy to skewer yourself  1/4 of an inch deep or more when reaching for one model by another point nearby.  You have been warned...:)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Ancients Command stands...

So far I have finished all of the command stands minus the Celts.  So here are the Roman, Dacian and Dacian King Decabalus command stands.  They are very simple with just gravel and and grass tufts as that is all I have at hand.  I hope you like them.  I tried to adjust the exposure up 0.7 for each to get more light onto them.  Let me know what you think...  Also all figures are Warlord Games figures.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Warlord Celts are done for the time being.

Okay so I finished these a couple of days ago with the exception of the command stands which I am still working on.  Also not pictured are my Celtic slingers and archers, again still working on them, namely basing.  So anyway without any more preamble here they are... Now on to my Dacians.  after these guys I will being doing my SAGA forces and after that I dont know.  Either Greek/Spartans, Seleucids or Carthaginians to go with my EIR or Republican Romans respectively, what do you think?  I am leaning towards Spartans and Greeks...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Present Finally Arrives from Warlord Games this morning...

Well it finally arrived, my Dacian Army!!!  In Warlord Games defense my brother did not order it until Christmas Night.  Anyway I am very excieted to start these guys so I can add them to the Sarmatians I already have done plus 2 Dacian 40 man Warbands I already have done as well.  So in the next few weeks you will see these guys as I progress through them...


Thursday, January 5, 2012

28mm Warlord Games Roman Eagle bearer, Roman Mounted General and unit #2 Celtic Cavalry

Well I just finished these up sand grass tufts which I am out of at the moment.  These were all very nice models and cleaned up very well.  So far the only boxed set I had trouble with from these guys was the Roman Cavalry that I posted some time ago.  I would say however that I am beginning to notice a lack of muscle detail on the horses and am beginning to wonder if the were designed on AutoCAD as they just don't have the detail Foundry or Perry horses seem to. So anyway here they are and my first post of 2012...  Again sorry for the crappy pics, I am NOT a good photog...