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Miniature Wargames

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nominated...huh me? :)

Well it appears that I got nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award from my Blogging Friend Ray Rousell over at .  Thanks mate!  So from what I have read on his site these are the rules that again I got from his site.

There are four rules attached to the award:
1. Thank and link back to the person giving you the award. -Done
2. Share seven things about yourself - Done
3. Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award - Undone

4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award -Undone

Okay so seven things about myself...
1. I live in the US unfortunately at this time in history
2. I have a brother
3. I collect more miniatures than I can ever possibly paint
4. I play World of Warcraft
5. I drive a Jeep
6. My favorite US Football team used to be either:
The Tampa Bay Bucs Circa 2003 or
The San Francisco 49ers when Joe Montana and co played. Although I wish I could get English Premier League here in the states and it didn't cost a Ton O' Cash
7. My Favorite food would probably be Pizza.

Nominated Blogs.

15mm Old Glory French Line Infantry and AB mini's order

Ok so I just finished painting this unit for my French Nappies and thought I had better post pics as I have not posted anything in a while.  Also My FLGS owner just ordered me a ton of AB Nappies about $400.00 worth, part should be here Monday and part later in the week.  I got a bunch of French cav(Lancers, Dragoons) and some legere units as well as line infantry and then got several Brit line infantry units, 2 units of Cacadores, 3 units of light dragoons some RHA battery's among other stuff. These units are the Lasalle units packs. So I will be painting a bunch of AB units for a while instead of my usual Old Glory.  Anyway here is the Line unit I painted up and finshed sans flocking today.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulations to the "Duke and Duchess of Cambridge"

After watching the wedding I was quite moved and thought to wish them the best. So to them I wish you both a long and happy life!

Monday, April 18, 2011

New ECW Royalist Kings Life Guard foot and some Royalist Cuirrasier

Well I just got these guys just about done.  The Foot are Warlord Games and from the King's Lifeguard and the Horse are Old Glory miniatures and of Rupert's Lifeguard.  The flag for the foot regiment I hand painted but the Cavalry flag i8s something I got off the internet and re-sized.  This is my first attempt at painting a flag, I do have to say that they are very difficult for the non professional artist.  I still have to finish the command for the horse regiment but they are almost there.  I was just so excited to post these guys I couldn't wait.  Also I still have to put silfor grass "plugs" on the bases.  Anyway please let me know what you think, don't be shy I am looking for some feedback.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Royalist King's Life Guard In the process of painting them now

I have started these last night after working on the gun in the prior blog entry.  These are Warlord Games Royalist Infantry.  There are 40 of them including command.  I am using Foundry paint's as usual for these and a little Vallejo paints where I am lacking in my Foundry stuff.  I did base coating on them and and just did the dip well sort of,  I use what army painter calls the "splash method" whereas you paint on the army painter dip, allowing you to control the dip coating also it uses much less dip when compared to actually dipping them.  I am waiting for the AP dip to dry and then I will move onto high lighting and detailing.  Also check out the Royalist Demi-Cannon I just posted to the blog before this post... below  Cheers...

Old Glory 28mm ECW Demi-Cannon

Just finished this gun and crew as well as finished the basing and anti-shine last night.  I used the Army-Painter Dark Tone then high-lighted everything after that and did any detail work that was needed before moving on to the base.  I have painted this for my Royalist army but it could be used for Parliamentarian's as well, given the nature of the ECW.  I wanted to thank Saxon Dog yet again for his blog and the help I got from it.  Anyway here is the gun and crew...enjoy. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Question about time spent painting 28mm units

I was wondering what the total time painting you would spend for an average 32-40 man unit of infantry or 12-16 man unit of cavalry in 28mm of ECW, Napoleonics, ACW, Crusaders etc?  Now I have a large collection of ACW that I painted and I would say that generally they are less time consuming in painting from priming to sealing than the ECW or Napoleonics, but I thought I would add it just to get idea's on painting times. Also is there anything you try to do to cuts corners on painting time that do not effect the quality of your work?

Thanks in advance and cheers.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Robert Devereaux, The 3rd Earl of Essex

I just finished this guy up, he is the Warlord Games Earl of Essex.  It seems that when working on one figure at a time I do better, at least it would appear that way to me.  I am afraid painting an army that way would take a bloody long time!  I have to find a balance a suppose. It was painted mainly with Foundry Paints except for Vallejo for the base.  I tried taking this out doors to photograph but the sun was at a point that it was shadowing a bit, so I had to position the figure so as to minimize the effect.  Let me know what you think please...


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prince Rupert's Blewcoats pikemen

I have been working on these for a few days, and while they do not compare to Saxon Dog's or Galpy's stuff  yet, I am trying...:)  They are Warlord Games Royalist pikemen and command figures for Rupert's  Blewcoats 4th Captain's colors.  I still have the 24 Musket armed chaps to finish up. Also I still need to finish the drum on the drummer, I just noticed...They have been fun to paint but detail is a bit lacking when compared to Old Glory or especially Perry's or Foundry...  Oh well I get what I can.  Without further a due...
Please let me know what you think.


Warlod Games Dismounted Dragoons...done?

Okay so here is the next batch of Dragoons this time the dismounts... I hope they are done... Now I need to finish the rest of the mounted troops and this unit should be done.  Sorry for the crappy pics, I am just not much of a photog...

Warlord Games Mounted ECW Dragoons command done?

Well I just based these up using the tutorial that Saxon Dog did on his ECW stuff.  SO I think these guys are done, or at least until I find something else to "tweak" on them.

Warlord Games Saker based and done?

Okay so I had painted this bunch up last year but had not based them up nice nor dipped them etc.  I just got all that done thanks to Saxon Dog for his basing tutorial and also his help with dipping. Okay so I "think" this is done...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Need of Assistance

I am finding it very difficult finding any info on 1813-1815 Prussian Cuirassier uniforms and or facings. Does anyone have any plates or links to plates and maybe a list of facings for each unit?  I am desperate for these so any help would be great.