Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Friday, December 30, 2011

28mm Warlod Games Celtic Fanatics and Balearic Slingers

I just finished these guys up from my collection of unpainted stuff.  They are Warlord Games Naked Celtic Fanatics and for my Roman Army Balearic Slingers.  Both were in units of 8 when I got them so I suppose I need more.  I really enjoyed painting the Slingers and I just well painted the Not much on painting naked chaps.  I would say that the scupts were done well but could use more variety.  So up first the Balearic Slingers.

Next will be the Celtic Fanatics... I have more pictures of them as they tend to be individual in their painting.  I had intended on painting hi-lights on the skin but then realized that I had the blue tattoo's on them and that wasn't going to work after I had used Army Painter dip process on them.  Anyway here they are...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

28mm Gripping Beast Anglo-Danish and Viking test pieces

Okay I have been working on these since Christmas and wanted to get the opinion on these 2 test pieces. They are all from the Gripping Beast Plastic Boxed sets.  I mounted them on GW 25mm Rounds to be used with either SAGA or Skjaldborg Rules sets.  I have not done the basing on them yet in case someone pointed out something that needed to be adjusted.  These figures in this post are from both command frames in each boxed set.  Anyway first up with be 8 pictures of the Viking Leader/Jorl and the banner bearer.  Also these are the flags that came with the boxed sets, I am NOT happy with them at all but I do not have any replacements at hand so those will be changed later.

Next are the Anglo-Danish or Saxons, however you want to use them I guess.  First up will be the Leader/Eorl and then the banner bearer.  Please let me know what you think and any adjustments that should be made.  Also I Hand Painted these Shields so if they like really aren't that great well you know why...I wanted to try my hand at Hand Painting these Shields as well as for my Normans when I post them.  But that will depend on how these shields are received.  So here are the next 8 pictures.

Okay well that's it for this post, again please let me know constructively what you think...  These also are for the table top not a contest or anything... :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Look what I got for Christmas..Some one for my Romans to kill or get killed

Well it got ordered late, but I hope to have it in a week or so... I tried to just copy the picture of it off the web but it was not an option as it usually you will have to follow the link to see...sorry. So anyway thanks to my brother for a most excellent gift!

Happy Happy Joy Joy, happy Happy Joy Joy...hehehe

Anyone know that musical referernce from TV?

Wigan Who???  Go ManU!!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to everyone

I just wanted to wish everyone a very "Merry" Christmas and that spending time with your families is great!  I hope that you get all the miniatures that your heart has  desired, and I wish you all in the States to have a happy football day!

With Warmest wishes...

Friday, December 23, 2011

28mm Warlord Games Celtic Cavarly unit #1

Well I just finished these guys up last night, Again they were very good as far as castings go, definitely NOT like the Roman Cavalry I got as my first set from them... That almost got me scared thinking the rest of the army would be crap as well.  Anyway back to these guys.  The horse were very nicely done, note they are not Foundry, Aventine or First Rank nice but they are still okay.  The lower torso of the riders are cast to the horses and unlike the metal tops of the Roman Cav the Celtic Cavalry riders have plastic upper torso's.  I mounted these guys on 20x50mm Flat plastic bases that came with Perry Plastic Cav sets. then mounted that centered on top of a GW Slotted Cavalry base.  I mounted these individually like they are for WAB or COE.  Hail Caesar does not require this but I still do not know which system I prefer more CoE or HC(Hail Caesar).  I also mounted ALL of my infantry singly as above.  CoE like WAB removes casualties whereas HC does not remove them.  Anyway enough of the gory are some pictures...enjoy.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

28mm Warlord Games Roman Army Done!!! For

I just finished the Warlord Games "boxed" army of Imperial Romans.  They are listed as follows:

4 Cohorts of Legionnaires
1 Cohort of Praetorians
1 Cohort of Veterans
1 Cohort of Auxiliary foot
1 unit of 12 Light Cavalry
4 Scorpions
and assorted leader types.

These guys were a hell of a lot to paint, the not so fun part was basing the entire army at once!  I officially HATE BASING FIGURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway I have these guys painted for like about a week now but the basing was killing me.  I finally forced myself to get the done to post.  I do not know how many points this is for Hail Caesar as I don't have the army list book but for Clash of Empires I have the list posted in either the main rule book or the web, either way these guys kitted out to the max come out to about 4220pts.

I am now waiting for the last bits from a trade I did some time ago to arrive.  Supposedly tomorrow arrives my Vikings, Saxons and Norman Knights.  As SAGA rules and associated dice are unobtainium, I will be using Skjaldborg Rules as they are what I could find on the web.   And hopefully my Celts/Gauls/Dacians will arrive at some point. Then I will be ready to go with either Hail Caesar or COE, but until I get the army lists book for Hail Caesar I will be using COE point values obviously...


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sarmatian Knights!!! Cataphract!!! All Hail Clive

Well I just got these done, and I have to say they were so great looking out of the box I didn't want to paint them, they were that nice!!!  Bravo Warlord Games, oh and thanks for the replacement parts.  Anyway these were an absolute joy to paint and would love to get another box or to for my Dacians.  Anyway if you are looking for some shock cavalry for your Dacian army or your Romans for that matter, these are the guys for you and you will be very happy with them if yours are half as nice as mine were out of the box.  Makes me wonder what happened with the Roman Auxiliary Cavalry I got sometime back when I look at these, it was like night and day!  Anyway if you have been riding the fence about these guys go get them you wont be sorry.  Here are a few pictures of mine finished.