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Miniature Wargames

Monday, July 26, 2010

15mm Prussian Army Commission unit 1 final

So this unit is finished with the exception of flocking the bases.  I need to ask the owner what he wants in the way of flocking.  I have mounted these on Wargames Accessories 3/4"x1" metal stands like I do with my own before mounting the figures. I also attach self adhesive magnetic tape to the bottom of each stand so that when transporting them you put a metal plate in the bottom of the box and then just put the miniatures on it and they stay put.  I use this stand size so that it can be played with either AOE or Lasalle, for Lassale you just use 2 bases to represent one base.  So next I have 38 AB Prussians from my collection that I got in a trade deal that are late Prussians when I was expecting Jena Prussians.  So now they have a new home as I did not know what to do with them.  Gary you will need to purchase separate AB command figures for this unit along with the 4 skirmishers as I do not have those.  So for the next unit I will have 29 to paint.  Anyway here is the first batch and if my research is correct they will be the 10th Silesian Infantry regiment.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

UGGGGHHHH!!! I have been drawn back to the Evil Empire!!! Well Kind of... :)

Okay so I have been doing mainly historicals over the past year with the odd Warmachine painting session or game.  Anyway When I went into the FLGS to pickup my commission work I got to speaking with my friend the owner and he was raving about 8th ed. Warhammer. So yea I got it and the startings of a Skaven army.  So here are some pics of the first piece a Skaven Doom Wheel.  This is a very nice kit, goes together well and has great details.  Later I will also post up pics of the Skaven Screaming bell when I get it further on like this one.  This is just about done with a few odd bits and bobs to still paint but I think it is coming along quite well if I do say so.  So here it is...  Sorry Gary I got drawn into this and have not finished the first battalion of Prussians,  but hell it is your fault telling me how great 8th ed was...etc etc etc... LOL I will finish them first thing tomorrow morning, I promise... Cheers...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

15mm Prussian Army Commision update #3

Okay here is the 3rd update for this first unit, damn I wish my camera was better!  Anyway I have the facings, collars, shoulder boards and cuffs painted, I am debating on detailing the cuffs with white strips across the yellow but not sure on this historically.  This unit if what I found on the internet is correct is painted up as the 10th Prussian Line Infantry(Silesian) I believe. Also I did discover that regardless of the unit the facings on Prussian Line infantry were always red. So Gary here they are I hope you are liking them, again I am sorry for the crappy pictures...

Friday, July 23, 2010

15mm Prussian Army Commision update #2

Ok so I got to working on these guys and I do have to say I was disappointed with the detail on these guys very subtle and hard to pick out if it even exists, I am definitely AB spoiled!  Oh well the gentleman I am doing this commission for is going to fill out the rest of the army with AB's so those will be a ton easier and better to paint!!!  I can't wait to get them and start working on them. He is going to be starting with his artillery batteries then on to infantry and cav.  So anyway here is the first battalion, I have not decided yet as to which unit these will be that is the reason for the collars, cuffs and facings are not done yet, also there is some touch up still to do and other bits and bobs like the muskets.  Gary I hope these are good for you, let me know...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

15mm Napoleonics Collection so far, well almost all of it... ;)

My camera was not cooperating so I wanted to warn you up front and apologize for the crappy pics.  Anyway this is almost my entire 15mm Napoleonics collection that I have painted up so far.  I painted all of these this year so as you can see I have been busy.  I still have a ton more to paint but I will get it done some day.  Anyway on the Left are my French and on the Right nearest to the camera are my British and farther back on the Right are my Jena Prussians.  Yea I know Jena Prussians together on the same field?  Probably never happened historically but I have mainly been focusing on my French and only until recently started back on my allies that being the Jena Prussians.  Originally I started painting up the Brits but than moved on to the French after finishing the first 6 British Infantry units and the artillery.  So here they are...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Commision 15mm Mini Figs Late Prussian army

I just got a commission from the FLGS owner here in town that happens to be one of my best friends.  Anyway the first batch I will be doing up is 3 Prussian Infantry Units and 1 Landwehr unit.  These are to be based as Lasalle units.  These from the my closest guess would be mini-fig figures.  After these are done I have some Old Glory and Essex Cavalry that he may want from my stock to be painted up. I discovered that the cavalry that he had gotten were mostly French and or  Early Jena Prussian Hussars etc. So he will need more cav.  Also I pointed him in the direction of AB's website for Artillery and showed him what he should get, that being 2 Horse battery's, 2 Foot battery's and 1 Heavy battery.  Also I have a bag of AB Prussian generals that I had doubles of that he may want for me to paint up for him.  So here are the pics of the figs cleaned up and re-primed black, they were mounted as they are but will be rebased after painting.  Cheers Gary check back here regularly for updates...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

28mm Warlord Games ECW Saker and gun crew update #1

I have been dieing to paint up one of the two of these guys I have, so I started working on them in "secret" as  I still have some work to do on them but I at least wanted to get something on my blog about them, so here they are... Please let me know what ya think... Cheers

28mm Warlord Games ECW Royalist Dragoons update #2

Well I am grinding along with these guys, still have some more work to do on them but I think they are turning out ok for now.  As before this is both the mounted and dismounted Dragoon Command from Warlord Games Dragoon box set.  Cheers...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

28mm Warlord Games ECW Royalist Dragoons update #1

Well I got kind of burnt out on painting 15mm mini's, so I started working on my English Civil War(ECW) mini's.  I have been putting this off for some time but decided it was either these or my Perry Hussars and given that I have plenty painted in Napoleonics for a while I thought I had better start painting these guys.  Anyway here they are, I have done 3 colors on most of what you see here but I am not seeing the contrast that I would like.  I am using Foundry paints for most all of these guys as I think their paints are brilliant especially for 28mm stuff.  These are the command figures for the unit by the way and come with both mounted and dismounts for the unit.  Note that they can be either painted Royalist or Parliamentarians, I chose the earlier for now and for the 2nd box I have they will be that later So here they are, what do you think so far...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Latest work MkII: 15mm AB French Artillery both Horse and Foot

Again I got these in that trade, they are AB's of course.  First up will be the Horse battery, these are all Lasalle units packs that you can get from Eureka/AB.
Next the Foot battery...
Ok that's it for now...cheers

Latest work MkI: AB 15mm Prussian Officers

So in a trade I did with Galpy, I got these guys among other stuff.  Anyway these guys are my officer corps for my Jena Prussians.  These AB mini's are absolutely brilliant!  I think from now on I will only "buy" AB's any more.  You may still see other stuff on here but anything that is not AB is generally from old purchases or trades.  Anyway here they are, please note that I still have to paint the horses on some of these.

18mm AB Jena Prussian 2nd Cuirassiers Final...

Well I think they are done other than maybe painting on some buttons and flocking the bases.  These AB Prussian Cuirassiers were a lot of fun to paint!  I think in the beginning I was a little off when I started working on them but I came around a bit after starting, so I think they turned out ok.  They could have been better, and I may do some more touch ups here and there later but right now I am just trying to get my Jena Prussians on the field.  Cheers

Friday, July 9, 2010

15mm Essex Jena Prussian Musketeers Nr.10 Wedel

Next on my list of 5 musketeer units I will be painting in the first bunch, these guys are the Nr. 10 Wedel regiment.  I have seen reference to them being noted as Ir.10 and Nr.10 which is it?  On the page below they are referred to as Nr.

  Anyway I had a hard time with the Prussian blue, I was initially using Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue, but it was so dark it was almost black, to I put a 2nd coat on of Foundry Deep Blue Light 20c.  I have seen others use an almost blue-ish grey color, so I picked up Reaper Pro Paint Winter Blue as a test to see how this goes with the Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue base,  Oh well what do you all think?

15mm AB Jena Prussian 2nd Cuirassiers work in progress

Well I have been busy in between surfing the net looking for employment and driving around looking, I have been working on these.  They are part of the Prussians I got in trade from Galpy.  These guys are painted up to be the 2nd Cuirassiers.  I like the looks of this unit and I believe the only Cuirassiers regiment to have a yellow and red tunic.  I am not too happy with them at the moment, I don't know if it me or my brushes or a combination there of but I just don't think they look all that good.  What do you guys think?  Please I need some advise on finishing these guys up...  Anyway here they are.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

15mm Essex Jena Prussian Musketeers Nr.11 Schöning

I just got these mounted on their bases after painting them up.  I am going to look for areas that need touch ups then flock them and clear coat them.  The unit I chose was Nr.11 Schöning I just liked the some what blood red color that their facings are.  I have 4 more of these Essex Jena Prussian musketeer units to paint along with 3 Grenadier units and the I have some 2 AB Jena Prussian Dragoons units and 2 Large unit Kurassier units to paint up as well.  The large unit being a Lasalle unit that has a (+) next to it in the book so they are 18 in the unit instead of 12. I got the AB's in a trade with my friend Galpy in NZ.  Anyway here is Jena Prussian Musketeer Unit Nr.11 Schöning.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finished 15/18mm AB French Imperial Guard

Okay, they are finally done!  I had been nursing them for far too long, but with the arrival or pending arrival of all of the stuff I got coming from Galpy they had to get finished.  Now on to AB French foot and horse artillery batteries. I have one foot, one horse and one reserve battery that just arrived from AB USA.  These are the Lasalle unit packs that they sell.  They only come with 1/3 to 1/2 the limbers/caissons that are needed to I will have to order a mix of six more limbers and caissons to finish these guys out.  I will post starting pictures of them tomorrow hopefully.  Here come the Guard!  Please let me know what you think...

15mm Ab French Imperial Guard #2 Last 2 sticks

Okay so here are the last 2 sticks of 16 AB French Imperial Guard to do.  I have been trying to finish these up as I just got a very good sized order in of more AB's from a trade that I just did with Galpy in New Zealand  and want to move onto them,  I will post more about them later.  Also I can not wait until my new eye glasses come in, I went in about a week ago to the VA(Veterans Admin. USA) for an eye check and my yearly prescription, which I have put off for 3 yrs.  Anyway the new glasses will be here in about 2 weeks or so, hopefully they will help my painting as I have a lot of difficulties of late trying to paint and only see stuff that needs to be touched up on these after I look at the pictures. Later today hopefully I will be posting up the final result for this unit.  After painting AB, Essex, Old Glory and Mini-figs I have to say that the AB's are the best followed up by the Mini-Figs and the Old Glory and lastly Essex.  Simply on size and detail of the figures.  The AB's have so much detail to them they just beg to be painted "properly" which is an absolute joy to do.  Anyway here they are.