Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Friday, June 24, 2011

2 down and 2 more up on the table

First up, I finished the 12 Perry Dragoons, well at least the 1st 12 this morning and also 32 Victrix French Old Guard.  These were mounted up for GdB so I am hoping by the end of the year to have forces for both Brits and French available to play with, but that is a tall order as these guys take a ton more time to do than the 15mm guys do. So here is what is done...

Victrix Old Guard

Now what is next on the table...

So I have the next 2 units to show you again all Perry, the first is the first 12 of the 1st Cuirassier regt.  They are a work in progress, one thing I am debating on with them and the following unit is whether to clean them up so to speak after doing the "Saxon Dog dip process" specifically the white area's, should I leave them "dirty" eg on campaign or make everything nice and white?  That also goes for the next unit of Perry Heavy cav. the 2nd Regiment of Carabinier.  The Carabinier are still on painting stands so that I can get to everything, currently in these pics the have just been "Saxon Dog dipped", next they will get the hi lights needed, but again I am not sure on the white areas, should I leave them dirty or hi light them to clean them up? Also how do you paint black horses and also black horse harnesses and tack?  I am at a loss for this one...  I tried painting the tack brown on black horses as I did with the Cuirassier but I am not "thrilled" with that solution... So how do you make black harnesses stand out on black horses...

Perry Heavy Cav. 1st Cuirassier

Perry Heavy Cav 2nd Carabinier

Okay so I think that is it for today...let me know what you think and also the question of campaign dirty or clean... Cheers.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

WIP 28mm Perry Dragoons

Well I finally went back to my 28mm stuff and started painting them again.  Here is the first unit that I have painted, well partial unit as they are based for GdB so I need 24 or there about for a unit, so here is the first 12.  I am painting them up as the 7th Dragoons as the flag was included in the box.  I am trying to model my army for 1811-1813 or there about's.  I know they changed standards for uniforms all the time for different unit types, so I will try to make them correct for what I can get around here. I still need to flock the bases and do some more touch ups, so anyway I thought I would post them for critique.  Please respond with any changes that I should do as my research materials are slight to say the least. Cheers and thanks in advance...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

2 New Warlord Games ECW Parliamentary Infantry units done

Well I finally got this bunch finished when doing 2 more Warlord Games ECW Infantry units.  I painted them at the same time, usually I think the quality suffers a bit when doing that due to numbers, but it looks like I may have gotten away with it. They were painted with the base coating, dipping and high lighting method I have discussed before.  The first unit is an unknown Parliamentary Yellowcoat unit which I used the Warlord Games metal command pack and the second is maybe Tiller's Greencoats which I used the stock plastic command group.  Please forgive me if they are not accurate for said unit/units as I only have 1 ECW book that being Osprey Men-at-Arms #14 and the odd magazine and what limited stuff I can find on the web.  So if you know of units that these could pass for on the Parliamentary side please speak up...  So now I have 1 more Infantry unit to build and paint for the Roundheads and then on to Cavalry, Dragoons and Firelocks as well as some artillery for both sides and I am done, for now ....we all know how that goes...;)  The next week or so I am doing some more Jack Scruby 30mm ACW Commission work so that is what is on the table next...enjoy

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Newcastle Whitecoats Done!

Okay so I just got these guys clear coated and based after painting them. They are Warlord Games Royalist(actually Covenanters)  Infantry, I needed the caps they came with to make the Whitecoats. Anyway even though they do not have the detail of metal mini's there are good for rank and file troops, then add the metal Warlord Games command packs and you get a descent unit. So here thay are...I hope they measure up...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Newcastle Whitecoats Command Stand

I have just finished this command stand of figure yesterday.  They are the Metal Warlord Games ECW command packs.  I decided to substitute these guys as I had 3 packs of them and they were not getting used.  Turns out I like them a lot more than the normal command figures that come with Warlord Games ECW Infantry boxes.  I have the regiment done as well with the exception of the bases getting flocked and detailed.  I will put these guys on a 4 space 40mm x 40mm base this morning and then flock them with the rest of the unit.  So here they are what do you think?  Note that the flags on these command stands are cast so you have to paint them up yourself. Also these were dipped with Army Painter Dark Tone and then high lighted.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finished Commission of 30mm Jack Scruby(Old School) ACW pieces

Okay so an acquaintance of mine from HMGS-PSW asked me to paint up these guys as a test run for him.  These are wonderful Jack Scruby "Old School" 30mm ACW figures, I really had fun painting these as they were to look old school and not the current trend of hyper detailing like we do now.  So I a still have to Clear Gloss Coat these guys and then ship them back to him.  Thanks for the work, I hope to do more for you soon.