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Miniature Wargames

Saturday, June 26, 2010

15mm Old Glory 4th and 5th French Hussars final

I just finished these minus the flocking as I am still waiting on the materials, anyway I was NOT happy with these castings at all! They were very, very rough almost like they were pulled out of the mold before they had cured after pouring. They actually wore out a new fine brush when painting them!  I know that is hard to believe but I got a new brush for these on Wednesday and it is already tip curled and the bristles will no longer come to a point.  Yes I clean my brush's thoroughly and am very careful to draw tips out on a piece of paper towel pulling away from the base of the brush when doing this.  Point is I have never worn a brush out in 4 days on  24 figures!  So either the brush was defective or the mini's are as I said and just poor castings.  Either way here they are, I really do like the color scheme of the 4th Hussars but am not sure of the final look of the 5th.  Anyway here they are, I will have to get some AB French Hussars to see the difference between them...
The French 4th Hussars-above

The French 5th Hussars.  I hope you like them... I do not but oh well...


  1. Hi Razor,

    Actually I think your paintjob have made them look good. Although you can't hide the fact that OG horses look like dogs. You will easily note the difference when your AB hussars arrive.

    I stick to OG 15mm for the bulk of my infantry but mainly AB for cavalry. I do have a few Fantassin prussian landwher though.



  2. yea Galpy got me hooked on AB figures and where I can afford them, that is what I get. The AB figs are just brilliant and beg to be detailed were as the Essex and Old Glory not so much... ;) Thanks for stopping by and adding comments.