Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Thursday, June 10, 2010

AB Miniature order has arrived!

Well after having a bout of illness I have finally gotten to posting some pictures of my new AB miniatures.  I took some pictures of the French Imperial Guard that I got from AB along with some Essex French IG I already had painted up to show the huge difference in size between the two. The AB's are some brilliant kit I do have to say!  As stated earlier in the blog I ordered 3 Lasalle packs from AB which included 1 French Dragoon unit, 1 French Imperial Guard unit and 1 British Hussar unit.  They took a long time to deliver and I think for taking so long the included 1 Dragoon casualty, 1 walking wounded causality and here is the best part, 1 Marshall Ney mounted figure.  The French IG unit was complete with 32 figures, with command and 4 skirmishers! :)  Big bonus in my book!  Anyway here is a picture of the Essex/AB IG comparison for you to look at... After looking at the pictures you can not really see the size difference but it is pronounced!  The painted essex figures are based with metal bases and strip magnets so that should help you see the size difference.  Cheers...

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