Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Painting helper? Well maybe not but...

This is my 1 to 1 scale four legged FURRY helper!

Does anyone have one of these?  maybe not this particular type but generally with 4 legs but usually never less than 3?  Well this one is mine or actually I may be hers! but thats here nor there.  :)  The biggest draw back to this particular "helper" is the prodigious amounts of LONG fur seems to leap off of said helpers body and ALWAYS seems to deposit itself, either on my miniatures or DIRECTLY all over the ENTIRE painting are!  Every thing else about her is great, she sleeps mostly, so I can usually paint without interuptions, but when she does want to "help", she is very persistent and she seems to think that I must be the best painter in the world as she seems to think that I am SOOOOO good that I can either use one hand or non and paint with a brush in my mouth! as she requires said hands to rub MORE FUR OFF OF HER to deposit it on my miniatures and painting area!  Anyway life would not be the same without her, but I do wish they would invent a fur-less one of these that looked good like this one does...


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  1. Kent here how much do you want for them I've got about $146 USD being deposited into my paypal account this week I can't remember what there was