Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Start of 1806 Prussian Army

Ok so am am getting close to where I want to be with my French and wanted to start working on my 1806 15mm Prussian Army probably in August, anyway I got a wild hair and decided to mount up several of the units on sticks to get them ready for priming. They are Essex figures, I wish they were AB but this many figs from AB would be a small fortune. Given that I will probably will not start them for about 40 days or so I thought perhaps priming them early and letting them sit and cure would be good. So here is what you see so far

5 Musketeer units 32 ea.
1 Grenadier unit 32 figs.
1 Fusilier unit with 32 figs
1 Jaeger unit to be mounted as an irregular unit of 20 figures.

I still have 1 more fusilier unit, 1-2 more Jaeger units, 4-5 more Grenadier units and some cav plus artillery to mount for painting.  I will also be ordering some more Musketeers from AB along with some more cav and artillery if everything works out around the beginning of August.  Anyway here are the "lads" mounted up ready for priming.

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