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Miniature Wargames

Friday, June 11, 2010

Current Ranges of ECW mini's and other things.

Well I have just started painting some Warlord Games PLASTIC pike and shotte infantry and will have pictures to post later, but I have some comments to make on them.  Firstly that they are overall very nice models with nice clothing and weapon details, secondly that they were a pain in the a** to build, thirdly I feel that the hands of the models are way too small, consistently too small and lastly I do not know if it is the TV shows or the historical pictures I have seen but I feel that the facial hair on these models to be not entirely consistent with the time period.  Most of the models from the detail that I have painted in the first box of infantry is not pronounced enough when compared to Renegade or Wargames Foundry models or Old Glory.  I thought they would be a good buy for what I can get here in the states with Renegade mini's non existent, same with most other brands that are common in the UK.
     From what I have found the only brands available here in the states are Old Glory, Warlord games and Wargames Foundry, the later while being brilliant models are most outrageously priced here, in which they would seem to put the price at what the MAX currency exchange would be, say $1.80-$1.90 or more per British pound making them close to twice the price of what they would cost in the UK.  So with that said, I may look at getting some more Old Glory as there detail is ok, the price is ok and they are readily available, I wish I could get more Foundry mini's but not at the current pricing of them.  I did not intend this piece to be a pricing criticism of any manufacturer just overall comments on the quality and pricing of several manufacturers. On one final note on pricing, I did purchase a couple of Warlord games saker cannons and while the detail is nice they are God awfully expensive as well at $28.00 per gun and crew! Getting to be a very expensive "amusement"...


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