Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just a quick post to add my latest items for Advanced Squad Leader

I have the following items that just arrived,

Crucible of Steel
Blood and Jungle

Both of these are from Bounding Fire Productions, and let me tell you these 2 modules are very nice indeed production wise!  One could even go so far as to say better than MMP in many ways.  The boards are fantastic, the counters are the real treasure in these packs along with the scenario cards.  The scenario cards are on a thick glossy card stock and they are in color! everything is color but the text, so all the counters appear on the scenario cards as they would appear in your counter tray.  I wish all manufacturers would go to this in their scenario cards.
  The counters are also done in color with camo paint and national flags on the rear of captured Russian tanks in German service in the Crucible module.  Blood and Jungle is just like this!!! I would recommend these guys completely in so far as production quality. I can't speak for the scenarios yet but my friend and I may play BFP-34 from Blood and Jungle next Tuesday, if we can decide on which scenario to play. ;)

Next week I should have the following arriving:

Doomed Battalions
Hollow Legions

Now all I am lacking of my core ASL modules are:

Kampfe Group Pieper I and II

I also have 2 Critical Hit products coming to fill out the French early war OOB since the MMP module Croix De Guerre is so hard to find and pricey to get if you do find it.  Also getting a dice tower and want to get a set of the Battle dice in 16mm or 5/8in size. They are just pricey for a pair of dice and I am still trying to convince myself on these.
  Also coming is a set of the US/British Turret counters from CounterSmith.  I am hoping to get the German ones some time soon.  So that's it for now...  Sorry no more painting on here anymore at least for a while, just done painting for nothing, hence why I am going to a board game. Opponents are readily available for board games.


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