Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Thursday, May 13, 2010

AB miniatures order!

Well after Galpy kept preaching ;) that I should get some AB minis, I went to Eureka USA and ordered 3 "Lasalle" unit packs.  I only got 3 packs as a test and they are:

French Old Guard pack with 32 miniatures
French Dragoons with 12 miniatures
British Hussars with 12 Miniatures

These all included the command packs, filling the rest of each unit with rank and file troops.  After ordering I noticed that they are on "Holiday"/"Vacation" until the 28th of May and will not be shipping until after that!  CRAP!!!  Oh well I should have them sometime in June...


  1. AB are VERY nice figures and you won't want to paint anything else after that. Except the cost might stop you!



  2. yea they are that, both very expensive and from what I hear very nice. I am concerned as they are 18mm and the stuff I have being essex and old glory being 15mm(smallish) that there will be a great disparity in size between the them and the rest.