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Miniature Wargames

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Ramblings

So as you already know I ordered "General D' Brigade(GDB)" the other day from and although it has yet to arrive I have been doing some reading on the net. I found a blog that seems to be inactive at the moment from a guy by the name of "JC" and he has made unit templates for GDB, for the scenario of Quatre Bras.  They are nicely done and I am thinking that either he is connected to that game and or authors of the game, or he really really likes it, as he has put in a TON of work into them.  They were posted in 2006 or there bout's and there has not been any posting for sometime but if he comes back to the game, I hope he does more of these, as they are great for getting the mini's together that you need to make each historical unit.  Another thing that I discovered is that the units are battalions, with several making up a regiment etc. etc. with a 20:1 ratio of historical men per miniature figure, so now you see whay this is a miniature heavy setup.  While it looks absolutely incredible on the table, it will be VERY expensive to build decent sized armies to play, and doing so for all of Quatre Bras for example would probably 2,000-3,000 figures or more on the table for both armies!  See what I mean?  Anyway I will give the rules a read when they come and I will find out if they are worthy of moving forward on.  I do have to say however that the unit format, with battalion being the root unit is something I do like.  Anyway have any of you played it? What do you think?



  1. I do have the Gen de Brig rules but found them a bit hard to follow, theres not that much in terms of examples, although I think the new edition will be better.

    the only rule set I've played a bit is Grande Armee by Sam Mustafa and I really like it.



  2. Have you played Lasalle by Sam? I have yet to play it, it is laid out well but seems rather simplistic.