Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Credit is where credit is due...

I have been painting for a long time, but I am usually pretty scatter brained when it comes to what I do, I usually paint something until something else I have gets my attention and then I paint that for a bit and so one...  Anyway after going to a friend of mine's blog and seeing what he was doing, completing armies etc. it gave me the motivation to paint armies instead of units!  So anyway this is an excerpt of a conversation between he and I, and well the rest is history so to speak. 

A couple of messages between he and I...

"yea, I am trying to get enough to be able to play.  I have been collecting for a while but never really putting my back into it to get units painted.  Anyway after seeing everything you were doing, you gave me the incentive to kick it in and get some stuff done.  They are not as detailed as your stuff by a long shot but for me right now that is not the point of my painting.  Speed is it right now with a little bit of detail..."

"That's awesome great to inspire others it's such a great hobby. would be great if you could put this on the blog so that others like yourself might see the comment and might also be inspired . Cheers heaps and keep up the great work"

Here is his blog below...

So as the topic states, "Credit is where credit is due".  Thanks mate... :)

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