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Miniature Wargames

Monday, November 7, 2011

28mm Perry 7th Hussars WIP +3

I just got these to this point, I can only think of the basing that needs to be done, what say you?  Rodger and Ray I decided that what you said in WIP+2  is correct I was being hard on myself... well not really but I took you guys word for it... ;)  Anyway here they are.  Oh yea I am horrible at painting eyes...

Really do you think these are okay?  I can't get past the layering or lack of the appearance of it on the Jackets and pants...


  1. They are looking pretty nice!!

    If I can offer some unasked for advice in regards to painting eyes......don't bother! IMHO at this scale it is completely unnecessary and in fact often will ruin an otherwise nicely painted miniature. Unless you paint them absolutely perfect the end result will often give a miniature a bug eyed look.

    I used to paint eyes and actually got very proficient at it until I finally realized I was utterly wasting my time. Unless I'm painting a single miniature I no longer even bother which not only saves time, but has no negative effect on the look of units at all and actually they look more realistic then they did before IMHO.


  2. I was going to say the same thing about the eyes; not needed.

    Lovely painting! I particularly like the shade of green you've used.


  3. Just as Chris and Big Red said, they are a very nice paintjob, you should be happy with them!!! but forget the eyes, they're a pain in the backside to do, one slip (which is quite easy) and you've got to start again. Its just not worth the bother.

  4. Yes why do them i stopped doing eyes about a year ago and they look far nicer, unless you have a special talent for doing eyes and few do just leave them. the figures look really nice you've done a great job

  5. Like the above guys have said, don't bother with the eyes. There are some freaks out there that can do eyes extremly well but most of us are less than proficiant at it. Your paint work is fantastic.I really like the horses. The grey is very well done.

  6. Ok thanks guys, I undid the eyes and painted them back to the normal flesh color as they looked very stupid. I am doing the basing now on these 3, and I have started on 3 more. Thanks again for the advise I really appreciate it.


  7. These hussars are great! Very intricate work with all that lace.

    I agree with the guys and only paint a brown/black oval for the horses eyes - when I remember!