Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New ASL goodies coming the next week from Noble knight games...BRT and PB

     I have finally secured a mint copy of Blood Reef: Tarawa and Pegasus Bridge as well as LFT #13.  I also got a great deal on GMT's SPQR deluxe ed with 2 modules those being 3 and 5 and the SPQR gamer's guide all in one package. SPQR has been out of print for sometime so really looking forward to this also!  I just hope that given my local gaming environment(lack of players) that it is solo play capable to a pretty good level.
     Rick and Aaron have always been great to deal with!!! Aaron seems to be faster/more attentive than Rick but both are great!  If you ever need some used games and haven't heard of Noble Knight games check them out...

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