Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Friday, April 30, 2010

6-15mm British Infantry Units/Regiments etc...

Well I finished painting the 5th and 6th units in this starter group of 15mm British infantry, I had been painting these off and on since the 24th of April.  The majority(99%) are Essex miniatures, anything else is Old Glory.  As I stated in previous posts on this blog I am doing the "black lining method" of painting.  Yes the result are stunning when compared to not using this method and painting the miniature completely and then detailing over the color that you used as your base color.  In this method you leave a little of the black undercoating showing between detail and shirt for example and then painting the belts etc after.  This really makes the detail parts of the model pop out at you when looking at the miniature.  Sorry if this is a poor explanation for this method but it is what I came up with.  Anyway here are the units painted but displayed in the pics in no particular order. Okay, so these have been "Flocked & Flagged", clear coated and ready for battle!

1st Foot Guard
2nd Coldstream Guard
3rd Foot Guard
28th Line Regiment
32nd Line Regiment
42nd Highland Regiment.

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