Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Friday, April 16, 2010

Perry French Infantry "Dallimore" update # 1

Well here is the first try at doing a "Dallimore" paint job. It is a lot more time consuming than I would like for general troops, but I will have to see. I think I like the results so far, as for these pictures they kind of show a step by step process of painting these 28mm Perry French Line Infantry up. Anyway any feed back on these would be great...

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  1. you want you can compare I've thought of buying kevins painting book but haven't yet, like most painters I'm always looking to improve my painting I'm working on faces at the moment as i know i can do them better and more consistant than i am I've only really started 28mm this year but love them. Thanks for putting my link on your page