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Miniature Wargames

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oivay!!! This is another project I need to get back to working on...

I have been collecting these since late last year and "The 28mm Napoleonic Collection" is starting to pile up! I still do not know what to get to fill out some British Cavalry.  I have narrowed the artillery and characters that I want down to either foundry or Perry(metals).  I was hoping some company would come out with plastic British Cavalry, but I am not aware of any yet.  I am not an expert yet on uniforms for different countries and do not know if I can use the Perry French Cavalry for my Brits as well, is this historically ok?  I also plan on getting some Victrix British Flank Company infantry and also some Victrix highlanders some time this year. So far this is the list of my 28mm Plastic nappies.

8 boxes of Perry French line infantry(3 boxes are not pictured)
4 boxes of Perry French Heavy Cavalry(2 are not pictured)
1 box of Perry Dragoon's
4 boxes of Perry Hussar's on order for when they come out with FLGS
1 box of Victrix French Imperial Guard

8 boxes of Perry British Line Infantry(4 boxes are not pictured)
If anyone knows of a maker of plastic 28mm British Cavalry or cannon please let me know...

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  1. Hi there,

    Good start! Lots of beautiful miniatures.
    Love the perry's for their miniatures. I play a brit army myself.

    Your questions:

    The plastic brit (foot) Artillery: Victrix minatures just released them, 3 cannons with 15 gunners and limbers. (without horses) you can even build howitsers and have choice of 6 and 9 pounders.

    As for the cavalry, I build my own brit cav from the french cav boxes. 2 units of cuirassiers, shaved from their cuirasses (took quite a while), then collected a lot of heads without the mustages for the british feel (even though they did sometimes sport the hairy facial habbit). Caribinier helmets for my royal life guards, and shako's from the brit infantry box for my scottish grey. The third cav unit I build I made from the French dragoons, no conversions here, (well, save for the eagle, that turned into an ordinary flag). All tunics from all cav units painted red so everybody knows what they are looking at.

    The last two units will be perry french hussars. (yet, these (soon to be) brit hussars will be in blue and white, so the banners need to be very british) I have yet to study the sprues so I can't tell you much about the hat options. and angelo competability