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Miniature Wargames

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Latest issue of Charge! Johnny Reb III quarterly newletter arrived

The post came the other day and much to my surprise issue #26 is the Johnny Reb III gaming society was amongst my mail.  The surprise was that I did not expect it until early next month.  I had just joined this at the beginning of April at the cost of $20.00 per year for 4 issues.  The main reason I got this was that every issue has between 2-5 scenario's in it amongst other things, for example this issue has the following in it:

Scenario: Little Phil's stand at Chickamauga.
Rules add-on: Random events cards for your scenario's.
Rules discussion: JRIII Artillery revisited.
Scenario: Meade's Pipe Creek Line.
And More...

I felt the scenario's alone over the course of a year were worth the cost.  You figure you will get between 8-20 scenario's in that time, hell that is a scenario book that you would pay $20.00-$40.00USD for anywhere else. it is put out by a name(Scott Mingus) you should recognize, if you are at all involved with ACW gaming.  If you are interested in or play Johnny RebIII ACW rules I would highly recommend getting this!  The link is here >

Get it you will not regret it...

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