Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames

Monday, April 19, 2010

Well here is the lot from the trade I did yesterday and this is not all of it!!!

Ok lads here it is, this is about 90% of the stuff.  It was kind of a hap hazard collection, like the Prussians are from 1806 or there about's and the Brits are mostly from 1814-1815 but then there is a bunch from 1806.  I even found some Russian hussars. It is so much stuff I will never be able to paint it all, but I will try!!! :) I had a lot of unmarked stuff of which the infantry I was able to identify, but the cavalry is some what hopeless!  I must have about 100 packs of Cav from various nations that I just can not figure out, and Essex' website is less than helpful.  Do any of you know anyone that is an Essex Nappie expert?
The picture above is just the British, and don't let this picture fool you it is stacked deep! Below is most of the collection which also included about 1000 ACW miniatures pictured in the top center.

I imagine at some point I will trade some of it off, as I need French Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry especially  Cavalry.  So if you are up for trades PM me and I can get lists out of stuff for you too look at...

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