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Miniature Wargames

Saturday, April 24, 2010

List of Napoleonic era British Line infantry facing colors.

For those that need it, here are I think a complete list of British Line Infantry Regiment facing colors for the Napoleonic war era. Enjoy....

1st Royal's Blue

50th Reg. Black
2nd Queen's Blue

53rd Reg. Red
3rd Buffs Buff

54th Reg. Grass-Green
4th King's Own Blue

55th Reg. Dark Green
5th Reg. Emerald Green

56th Reg. Purple
6th Reg. Deep Yellow

57th Reg. Yellow
7th Royal Fusiliers Blue

58th Reg. Black
8th King's Reg. Blue

59th Reg. Lily White
9th Reg. Light Yellow

61st Reg. Dark Buff
10th Reg. Bright Yellow

62nd Reg. Yellowish Buff
11th Reg. Deep Green

63rd Reg. Deep Green
12th Reg. Pale Yellow

64th Reg. Black
13th Reg. Philomot Yellow (Brownish)

65th Reg. White

14th Reg. Buff

66th Reg. Emerald Green
15th Reg. Yellow

67th Reg. Pale Yellow
16th Reg. Yellow

69th Reg. Grey Green
17th Reg. Greyish-White

70th Reg. Black
18th Royal Irish Blue

72nd Highland Yolk Yellow
19th Reg. Deep Green

73rd Highland Dark Green
20th Reg. Pale Yellow

74th Highland White
21st RNB Fusiliers Blue

75th Highland Bright Yellow
22nd Reg. Pale Buff

76th Reg. Red
23rd RW Fusiliers Blue

77th Reg. Yellow
24th Reg. Willow (dark) Green

78th Highland Buff
25th Reg. Blue

79th Cameron Highland Dark Green
26th Reg. Pale Yellow

80th Reg. Yellow
27th Reg. Buff

81st Reg. Buff
28th Reg. Bright Yellow

82nd Reg. Pale Yellow
29th Reg. Pale Yellow

83rd Reg. Pale Yellow
30th Reg. Pale Yellow

84th Reg. Pale Yellow
31st Reg. Buff

86th Reg. Yellow
32nd Reg. White

87th Reg. Deep Green
33rd Reg. Red

88th Reg. Pale Yellow
34th Reg. Bright Yellow

89th Reg. Black
35th Reg. Orange

90th Reg. Deep Buff
36th Reg. Emerald Green

91st Reg. Bright Yellow
37th Reg. Pale Yellow

92nd Gordon Highland Bright Yellow
38th Reg. Bright Yellow

93rd Sutherland Highland Lemon Yellow
39th Reg. Pea Green

94th Reg. Green?/Blue?-Osprey-W020
40th Reg. Deep Buff

96th Reg. Buff
41st Reg. Red

97th Reg. Yellow
42nd Royal Highland Blue

98th Reg. Pale Buff
44th Reg.

99th Reg. Pale Yellow
45th Reg. Grey-Green

100th Reg. Deep Yellow
46th Reg. Pale Yellow

101st Reg. White
47th Reg. White

102nd Reg. Yellow
48th Reg. Buff

103rd Reg. Pale Buff
49th Reg. Dark Green

104th Reg. Lt. Yellow-Buff

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  1. those British are looking real nice, And it cost me even more for the exchange rate than it does for you, but i still get them.